[NHL] 2016-2017 NHL Thread

The Sabres arena is now KeyBank Center. I was just getting used to First Niagara Center too.
I never went to Chicago Stadium.

And I, for one, am damn glad.
On this date, 18 years ago, the NHL was introduced to the goal song that permanently put "Brass Bonanza" to shame - and it was, ironically enough, first played against the team formerly known as the Whalers (aka the Carolina Hurricanes).

That song, of course, is...

Hey all 3 of the top 4 draft picks who played last night got their first goal. I like this youth movement.


*whispers* okay, maybe Detroit fans were too quick to hate the Vanek signing
i'm gonna be honest, I DO know what it is about those Predators scorin' that I like and love and also want some more of. it's really simple - i like them scoring since the team that scores the most goals wins 100% of games and stanley cups.

ANYWAYS finally opening night is here and hockey season can officially begin. I just found my mustard sweater in the exact same place it landed when I got all pissed and threw it sometime during the last Preds game.
Hope the coach stresses to the kids not to celebrate beating a team that is down its two best players. Next match vs Boston will be much different.

Nice of them to clear up right away that it is in fact going to be that kind of year.

Nice of them to clear up right away that it is in fact going to be that kind of year.
But you missed the best part! It remained 1-0 until almost the very end, and then during the shoot out, Vancouver some how managed to body check the referee!
I'm cautiously optimistic about the Hurricanes this year. 4 games in at NHL .500, averaging just over 3 goals a game. If this team can settle down and stop giving up 3 goal leads they just might have a shot.
I have a new strategy. I go to sleep after the second period and assume everything will be okay.