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    Former President Trump Thread

    Stop or I shall say stop again.
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    [MLB] 2023 Major League Baseball Season (MLB Thread)

    Holy shit! Go 'stros!
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    That really takes me back 15 years.
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    TIL: Today I Learned

    Usage is sliding, but not the actual meaning. Chomp is some thing you do to an apple. Like something edible. Champ is what a horse does to the bit or the railing in their stalls. Biting something you can't eat or swallow.
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    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    Several years ago a cop brought mine and my dad's German Shepherds home in a police car... My mom said at least it wasn't you or your brothers.
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    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Idk. Nothing screams “traditional family values” more than a 36 year old, divorced grandmother giving a handjob in a public venue full of children!
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    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    I hope the House Dems do a run on Kinkos to print posters to put on the House floor anytime they get to speak. She needs to be treated like Pee Wee Herman with a dose of Hunter Biden.
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

    This reminds me of two friends of mine. The ex Army Ranger who is built like an NFL tight end was giving dating advice to a 5foot 4 black guy that hasn't dated in at least a decade. While he was sitting with his wife at his side and an ex girlfriend on his lap while she was wearing a bikini. And...
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    [Brazelton] Jimmy Buffett

    He did a good cover though.
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    [Brazelton] Jimmy Buffett

    He was one of my favorites. I am happy that I got to see him a couple of years ago.
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    New Picture Thread

    Sonora's Death Row?
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    Arleen Sorkin, a.k.a.: Harley Quinn

    She was the blueprint that Dini based Harley on, not just the voice.
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    [Brazelton] Bob Barker

    So you stayed home sick a lot?
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    [Gaming] Baldur's Gate 3

    What does Minsc look like in this one?
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    Weird weather

    6:30 and it is 83 degrees 90+ heat index. it is still dark outside.
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    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    Cool, I only support 10,000 users.
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    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    The property of the two actually touches. And there are some prison offices on campus.
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    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    Gotta love Trump's "tough guy" face. Like he ever intimidated a person with his strong physical appearance.
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    Funny (political, religious) pictures

    Texas is a lot closer to Purple than most people realized. But the Rs made it possible to overturn the results in Harris County in the State Legislature. So Houston can not flip the state alone with high turn out.