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  1. Zappit

    The Random Crap Thread 2: It Hits the Fan.

    Oh, hell. The Haslab Galactus is about the ship. I backed that campaign right when my kidneys started going bad as a “get better fast” motivator. Now I gotta figure out a place for this guy. He’s just under three feet tall.
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    The Generations Thread

    Sonuva...I haven’t been able to get this guy at all.
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    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0

    That might help.
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    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0

    I think I like my black and white art is better than the color versions.
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    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0

  6. Zappit

    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0

  7. Zappit

    Minor victory thread

    If you’ve been following my kidney thread, you saw all the shit about how I was driven out of my teacher job after my transplant and took an internal suspension monitor job in a new district. its been busy this week, with kids in IS four days out of five. The days are long. LONG. After the...
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    Just a head’s up - Congress may be looking to ban proof of work crypto mining in the US.
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    [Brazelton] Queen Elizabeth

    The Queen passed in England, triggering Operation Unicorn. Now her unpopular son Charles will scene to the throne in Operation Up Chuck.
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    Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

  11. Zappit

    The Undisputed Unified Wrestling Thread

    “Tony, CM Punk just knocked out one of the Bucks, and Ace Steel just bit Kenny Omega.”
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    Zappit's Kidney Thread Part 3: New Kidney, Who Piss?

    Started a new job in a new district last week. Not a teacher position, but this district loves to promote from within. (The admin who interviewed me even called a few days before I started me to verify my licensure because he thought he had a teacher position for me. It was a license I don’t...
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    Huzzah Huzzah! 61-69

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    What, no Pokemon Go thread?

    Sweet! I accepted both requests!
  15. Zappit

    What, no Pokemon Go thread?

    I’ve been playing awhile and I need some friends. 7433 5381 2276!
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    The Masterpiece Discussion Thread

    Oh, I know. I had store credit banked (started getting into the new GIJoe line and then forced myself to stop) so I cashed it in on Skywarp.
  17. Zappit

    The Masterpiece Discussion Thread

    Anybody want the new Masterpiece Skywarp for 30% off? I just grabbed one, and the reviews have been extremely positive for this mold.
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    [Webcomic] Webcomic Appreciation Jamboree

    Oh, Fanboys Online was such a surprising disappearance. Scott was in Bomb Shelter Comics with me back in the day. I know it he was really struggling after his brother’s murder, but then he did some College Humor strips for awhile, but just - poof. No nothing. Not even on social media. Edit -...
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    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0

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    Zap’s Miscellaneous 2.0