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    The Squeesplode Thread

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    Supervillainous 194

    Does meat have any powers? other than being a badass normal of course. With a name like meat, i'm guessing he has regeneration?
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    Supervillainous 179

    Oh man. PLEASE have Hi-tech end up trapped in the Doomicorn. its so.. fitting. And funny. XD
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    Supervillainous 66

    I think I have a new favourite character. :D
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    Supervillainous 64

    Hilarious, this one made my day. :D
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    Ultimate vidya game music mix!

    (start at about 1:10)
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    Let's talk D&D

    I believe so! It was a meme at the time. To this day he swears it was a dire badger.. but we all know the truth.
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    Let's talk D&D

    Me and my friend are planning to co-DM an epic campaign sometime within the next week or so. I'm kind of nervous but excited about it. We'll be both alternating between player and DM roles, with the other running the game in the off week. Story? All right. Back in the early 2000's my old...
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    [Thread Game] Terrible Video Game Descriptions (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

    Are you a bad enough dude to save the president..'s daughter? Travel the world and shoot locals.
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    [Thread Game] Terrible Video Game Descriptions (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

    Yup :) Something harder. "Best friend dies, me and my friends run, build a castle, recruit for fun. Wage a war, have a bath, collect the paint and have a laugh."
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    [Thread Game] Terrible Video Game Descriptions (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

    Drink pink drink to forget everything I must remember, then delve into the dark and scary earth beneath a castle to kill the man who saved you.
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    Shadowrun Returns : Anticipation Station

    Yeah the ending mission was a sticker for me too, but I enjoyed the ending otherwise. Here's a tip: Otherwise, with the foundry for player generated content this is an 8/10 in my book. Loved the game.
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    Shadowrun Returns : Anticipation Station

    I tried it again and didn't get the AP. AP gain must be based off your total karma spent and I messed with my game to give myself the points back in the skills I had before my reformat. Sorry for giving false information.
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    Shadowrun Returns : Anticipation Station

    Magic does have a few things going for it: Manabolt / Manaball target willpower, so essentially bypasses all most enemies defences. Also tip for starting: grab 4 strength and when you get to the market to save the shopkeepers right at the start use intimidate with the 4str option. Tell them...
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    Shadowrun Returns : Anticipation Station

    Yeah my first character was pure magic. Really rough going. Thankfully Jake is more than able to pick up the slack in the beginning part. Probably best to always start with a weapon skill even if you are a spellcaster, due to the spell-less start (at least for shaman). Anyhow, made myself a...
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    Shadowrun Returns : Anticipation Station

    Really enjoying this game thus far. The immersion, writing and characters are top notch. Only niggling annoyances are the saving system and the spell equipping system. I just don't know why I have to visit a shop/locker to equip spells I know. Was playing an elven pistol shaman.. but I just...