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  1. chris

    [Music] Eurovision 2022

    In less than two hours it starts again. 25 performers have qualified for the final and will be performing live from Turin Italy. I don't know who exactly is going to compete but personally I think the show gets better when you don't know what to expect and enjoy the show with lots of alcohol.
  2. chris

    [Question] Good Marvel Mini Series or Graphic Novels

    Like the title says, I'm interested in reading some Marvel comics but don't want to pick up one of the on going series. What are some good stand alone comics you can pick up where just a general understanding of the setting and characters is necessary. Something like DC's "The long Halloween" or...
  3. chris

    ESC 2021

    After a year of absence, the Eurovision Song Contest is back and brings some normality back. The grand finale is today Saturday, 22 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST More info: Participants: I already saw...
  4. chris

    Let's talk about Visual Novels

    Lately I'm a little fed up with big budget games. Right know the only big budget games I'm interested in are the Final Fantasy remake and Cyberpunk 2077. None of the other recent releases interest me and the constant coverage about the bullshit going on in the big companies doesn't really help...
  5. chris

    [Brazelton] Albert Uderzo (92), Asterix Co-Creator

    Asterix Co-creator Albert Uderzo has died at the age of 92. I know many here has probably never heard about him or his comics but many people here in europe grew up reading Asterix comics or watched the movies. I still have my comics and the comics my father bought as a kid.
  6. chris

    [Soccer] World Cup 2019 in France

    Here the last matches' results: Friday June 7: France - Korean Republic 4-0 Saturday June 8: Germany - China PR 1 - 0 Spain - South Africa 3 - 1 Norway - Nigeria 3 - 0 Sunday June 9: Australia - Italy 1 - 2 Brazil - Jamaica 3 - 0 England - Scotland 2 - 1...
  7. chris

    [Music] Eurovision Song contest 2019

    Another year has past and yet again here it is, the one event every year less and lesser people are interested in. Or so it feels. Today the 64th Eurovision Song Contest has its grand finale being broadcasted life from Tel Aviv at 21:00 CEST. 26 countries are in the finale. 26 songs, one...
  8. chris

    [Brazelton] Manga Creator Kazuo Koike (82) passed away Kazuo Koike passed away from pneumonia. Most notable works are the Lone wolf and cub manga, Lady Snowblood, Crying Freeman and Mad Bull 34. That's the second manga legend that died...
  9. chris

    2019 World Men's Handball Championship

    The sport event that nobody really cares about (at least not in the US) starts today. It will be held in germany and denmark and beginns at 18:15 CET (09:15 PST, 12:15 EST) The first match will be a historic one: Germany vs. Korea
  10. chris

    [Music] Eurovision 2018

    I completely forgot that the final of the Eurovision song contest is today. Since I haven't watched the semi finals I don't know what songs to expect. So let's take a look at the participants. Well is a nice collection and variety of different genres but also the usually bullshit. Anyway I...
  11. chris

    [Brazelton] Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries

    Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries has died aged 46
  12. chris

    [Brazelton] Shigeru Mizuki

    Manga artist Shigeru Mizuki (93) passed away this morning. Not really suprising considering his age it's still sad. Probably most impressive the creator of GeGeGe no Kitaro, Nonnonba, Showa: a History of Japan and other titles still worked on new manga until he died of a fatal heart attack...
  13. chris

    [News] 150 dead after plane crash

    Some of you may already heard that yesterday at 10:53 a plane of Lufthansa's Germanwings crashed in the french alps. The plane was on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. None of the 150 people on board survived that accident, according to Germanwings at least 67 germans, 45 spains and one...
  14. chris

    [Brazelton] Sam Simon (59), co-creator of the Simpsons is dead

    Sam Simon died yesterday . :(
  15. chris

    HOLD IT!, TAKE THAT! Phoenix Wright Movie announcement

    Well I think it was just a matter of time this would happen. announce the Phoenix Wright movie. But before everybody cries OBJECTION!, in fear of another horrid Hollywood whitewash adaptation of a Capcom franchise, the movie will be produced by Nippon Television Network...
  16. chris

    Searching a animated show

    Recently I searched online for old animated shows I watched in the early '90 on German television whose titles I couldn't remember. Out of the three shows I still remember I could only clear two, Future Police Urashiman and Spaceship sagittarius, but nothing I tried led me find the third title...
  17. chris

    A Pratchett, but which one ?

    I decided to enlarge my collection of literature with some Discworld books, but thanks to large number of releases I can't decide which one I should read first. Normally you start with the first one, but I know this is not really necessary. I'm sure some of you can suggest me a good start.
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    Chris`s stuff

    I should post my stuff more frequently Arista Gale Kate Cosmo Kelvin Kate