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  1. Dave

    Videos keep pausing

    Okay this one is driving me nuts and actually caused problems last week. It doesn't matter what platform, but when I play videos they sometimes just plain pause for no reason. And it's not always at the same time and it's not every time. Last week it did it when I was playing a song during a...
  2. Dave

    My wife’s new iPhone uses my messenger

    Probably a @PatrThom question: We got my wife a new iPhone SE to replace her dead iPhone 6. Set it up & tested it. Worked fine. This morning I tried to send her a text and she never answered. Sent her a Facebook message and she answered right away. Turns out Apple thinks we are sharing a...
  3. Dave

    [Brazelton] RIP Jimmy Pesto

  4. Dave

    Need some date night ideas

    Get paid Friday and Saturday or Sunday will be having a date night with the wife. But I don’t know what to do. Ideas are welcome because damn am I stumped as to what to do.
  5. Dave

    [Question] Which animals could you beat in a one-on-one fight?

    I ask this because in May there was a poll and Americans are pretty confident people. Their poll allowed for a few more animals than Xenforo does, so I did the biggest ones. Left off of MY poll were rat, house cat, goose, medium sized dog, and eagle...
  6. Dave

    [Announcement] Board Updates

    Within the next week I have a few things I need to do with the boards that may or may not take it down. First, the SSL needs to be updated. I'm going to do that tomorrow. Since they aren't expiring they SHOULD have minimal impact. But who the fuck knows? Every time they tell me no impact shit...
  7. Dave

    Mother FUCKER I hate coffee.

    But since I've been diagnosed with NAFLD, it's been suggested that I start drinking coffee. So here I am, at 55, drinking coffee in the morning for the first time. Fucking hate the taste of this shit and I guess I'm no longer staying away from...
  8. Dave

    [Gaming] Anyone interested in a weekly Roll20 RPG?

    Looking for a couple of people to play an online RPG on Monday nights on Roll20. Or Tuesday, whichever works for you. The game is called Ironwood and it's the RPG I wrote. I'm already running a live session every other Saturday and a Roll20 every other Friday. But I want to do a weekly game...
  9. Dave

    Who here uses Roll 20?

    And if you have, have you used custom character sheets? I'm really wanting to run my game there and want a custom sheet for my game, but can't code for shit. Anyone able to help or at least give a direction?
  10. Dave

    [Brazelton] Screech dead at 44 He was a gigantic douche in real life, but that's still young. Fuck cancer.
  11. Dave

    [Brazelton] Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) from Gilligan's Island

    Died of Covid. Yay 2020.
  12. Dave

    [Brazelton] For you old people. RIP Squiggy.

  13. Dave

    [Informational] Board Errors

    If you get a HTTP 500 error when hitting Home or Forums, please just hit the back button and click "New Posts". I downloaded a new Anonymous addon that's causing an error. The dev and I are working on it at this moment.
  14. Dave

    We still miss you, Mikko.

    7 years ago today. I read through the posts in the Hall of Fame again yesterday. Still miss you, buddy.
  15. Dave

    NVidia 30-Series announced

    Looks like September is when Dave is doing a redo of his PC. GeForce RTX 30-Series GPU information: RTX 3090RTX 3080RTX 3070 GPUSamsung 8N GA102Samsung 8N GA102Samsung 8N GA104 Transistor28 billion28 billion17 billion SMs826846 CUDA Cores10496 CUDA Cores8704 CUDA Cores5888 CUDA...
  16. Dave

    [Brazelton] Charlie Daniels dead at 83.

    I guess the devil finally learned how to play better than him.
  17. Dave

    [Brazelton] NO! Carl Reiner! RIP

    Son of a bitch. I love this guy.
  18. Dave

    Transformers Forum

    Some of you sharp-eyed people might notice that there's a new forum in the Forum Stuff area. Zappit asked if I could create one since there seems to be a couple of fandom areas where women are being harassed. So I created that for them. So if you see it or any new faces, greet them with open...
  19. Dave

    [Brazelton] Brian Dennehy

    Aw, man. I loved him.