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  1. ZenMonkey

    [Question] Any indoor/outdoor gardeners?

    I never really cared that much about plants, especially the non-flowering kind. Now, a year after I got a poorly made vivarium for my frogs that is turning into a mess, I'm building a new one that's more naturalistic and includes tropical plants from the biomes (or similar) where the frogs...
  2. ZenMonkey

    Wilfred finale

    Any of you crazy mofos watch the entire run of Wilfred? The ending was one of the best series finales I've ever seen. I actually couldn't fall asleep last night for thinking about it, and I've got a smoothie like Ryan's for my nightly sleep meds. Also the first time I couldn't go hug the...
  3. ZenMonkey

    [MMO] Guild Wars 2

    Anybody still playing this? I was really loving it and then all these sexy games (Neverwinter Online, some Blizzard alphas/betas, Elder Scrolls Online) lured me away for a while. Just about to jump back into it.
  4. ZenMonkey

    Last night's adventure

    TL;DR: Do not drive drunk. DO NOT DO IT. We can't watch Game of Thrones yet because it's not dark enough out, so I'm satisfying my Internet urge by telling this story instead. Paul and I now live in a city further south of L.A. in Orange County, and it is extremely quiet and peaceful. Last...
  5. ZenMonkey

    [Rant] Damn I miss this place sometimes.

    I just started doing some online counseling for disabled/chronically ill people. I don't really want to go into any more details other than holy shit does admin SUCK! When they get polite constructive feedback (especially after the worst redesign of a site I've ever seen), they post about how...
  6. ZenMonkey

    [Crafting] Seeking: a drawing

    I want to try creating a cross-stitch pattern from a drawing someone's done. I haven't done this before; it's a test of my skills as well as the software I'll be using. It needs to be done on graph paper, and it should be something sort of cartoonish. Not silly, necessarily, just not...
  7. ZenMonkey


    So what'd I miss?
  8. ZenMonkey

    Skeptical Inquirer holding a T-shirt design contest

    I'm not affiliated in any way, just saw it and thought I'd post it here for any interested artists. This is the full text of a note from their Facebook wall page on March 3, so becoming a fan there is probably the best way to get more information.
  9. ZenMonkey

    Hey Infocom fans

    Just wanted to let you know Steve Meretzky was nice enough to write a little piece for my blog (which I had to pad out a bit with my own ode to the old Infocom games). He's asked to see it once it's posted (and...
  10. ZenMonkey

    The car alarm

    I need to borrow the Halforums hivemind. For months there's been the most horrendous car alarm in my neighborhood, a shrill shrieking noise that manages to pierce whatever room you're in, no matter where this car is parked. It goes off extremely randomly so we've never been able to locate it...
  11. ZenMonkey

    Want to design a logo?

    Hey artist-type people, there's a new group called Virtual Drinking Skeptically that is in need of a logo. It would be unpaid work but if any of you bored artists want to give it a go, here is the information:
  12. ZenMonkey

    I'm on Canadian, whoa-oh, radio...

    o hai guise! So this Friday the 13th, which is kinda perfect, I will be on the radio show "Skeptically Speaking," on a ten-minute segment at the top of the show. It's on a public radio station in Alberta and is also available as a podcast. They've had some rad guests on like Randall Munroe and...
  13. ZenMonkey

    Is this costume offensive?,0,4261573.story Just wanted to see what the forum thought.
  14. ZenMonkey

    Obama to end "don't ask, don't tell" policy

    AP story:
  15. ZenMonkey

    What should Calleja do for this avatar T-shirt?

    I have in my hot little hands a free code for a male Beatles Rock Band T-shirt for one's Xbox 360 avatar. Now, it would simply be too easy and not enough fun to just HAND IT OVER to Calleja. So I put it to you, Halforums: What should he do in order to receive this code? No poll as I don't want...
  16. ZenMonkey

    Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize I know, "Politics," but I figured this is kinda bigger news. If anyone disagrees, go ahead and move it.
  17. ZenMonkey

    Official NaNoWriMo 2009 thread

    The forums have opened and the countdown's begun to November! How about everyone who's doing this can post your NaNoWriMo forum name here, if you have one, so we can all be writing buddies. Somehow I got "ZenMonkey" over there too. When November starts, I'll sticky this thread for the month so...
  18. ZenMonkey

    International Blasphemy Day

    Have at it.
  19. ZenMonkey

    The Halforums Tinies

    Inspired by my avatar and not to be taken seriously in any way. A is for Allen who froze on a floe B is for Bubble who popped out of woe C is for Chippy, OD'd on sarcasm D's for drawn_inward, passed on mid-orgasm E is for Espy who happily Rapture'd F is for fade who refused to be captured G is...
  20. ZenMonkey

    Kirk Cameron on Darwin

    Beware: if you are a critical thinker, you may not want to watch this directly after eating. And yes, Cameron does Godwin himself less than two minutes into it. Now, as Michael Shermer asks, should a campaign be mounted to counter this dribbling shit? I say yes, because Cameron has the...