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  1. Vrii

    Computer advice/recommendations.

    Okay, so - after making do with a laptop for a few years, I've decided to splurge a bit and buy myself a new desktop. I know it would be a bit cheaper (and obviously more customizable) to build one, but being as I've never done that before and I don't want to a) screw it up or b) spend a whole...
  2. Vrii

    Hair colour!

    So I talked to my boss today, and I officially have the go-ahead to get a mohawk. Thing is, I'm not sure what colour to go for. My hair's pretty short right now - though longer than in my display pic, at least - so it's going to start off as a fan, and transition into liberty spikes once it...
  3. Vrii

    Onto the bandwagon - Ask me anything!

    Yep. Y'all know the drill. This should be fun given that a lot of you probably have no idea who I am.
  4. Vrii

    Issues staying logged into the frontpage?

    If I load the frontpage directly, not only will it not log me in automatically/keep me logged in from a previous visit, attempting to manually log in bounces me back to the page, not logged in. If, however, I redirect from the old forums, it auto-logs me in with no problems. Obviously not...