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    [Brazelton] Daft Punk
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    [Brazelton] Hal Holbrook I'll be honest, I know him mostly for his high quality work on The Fog and Creepshow.
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    Light conduction and bathroom etiquette

    Two separate questions: 1. What materials would you use to take a small light (1/4 inch) and...I don't know. Broadcast it I guess. Think like fiber optic cables, but larger or more solid. Somehow I can't think of this, but I know it's possible. 2. What is the proper bathroom etiquette with...
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    [Question] Help finding a Minecraft Server Supplier

    So I have a kid turning 13 Thursday, and his sister wants to get him a Minecraft server so he can run games without people mucking with them. Can anyone suggest a good hosting service? I've done some Googliing, but it's hard to find reliable reviews for something like this so far.
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    Best PC Controller

    So the other day I finally broke my Steam Link out of the box after a year, and while it was neat and all, I still had to sit next to my computer because the XBox 360 is too close to link the controller to the PC. So then that raised the question: If I was to buy a controller just for PC gaming...
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    [Question] Securing the 3DS

    My son got a 3DS for Christmas, and while I immediately turned on what I thought was the obvious security settings, I didn't turn on all of them. Not knowing how all of it works, I'm not sure how paranoid to be here. Should Mii be enabled, or is that pedophile bait? What about Street Pass? I'm...
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    [Question] Heartbleed

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but should we be changing passwords here as well, or is this not a concern?
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    What To Do With DLOG?

    For those who are not aware, I have spent considerable time over the last few years inconsistently writing Dangerously Low On Grog, a blog that started as a journalling exercise but became (like so much of my life), a place to craft humor. At the beginning of next year, it will be gone. I'm not...
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    Halloween Gifs

    Inspired by an io9 discussion that quickly became a gif-fest, I realised that you guys were way more qualified for this. So, who's been harboring that perfect scare gif? The screamer that was unwanted elsewhere? That scene from a movie that absolutely ruined you? Please, share for the world to see.
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    [Question] How do you write?

    For the writers on the board here, I'm wondering what your process is (assuming you have one). For me I've always plotted everything out well in advance for short stories, but my blog is very much an "inspiration strikes" thing where it all fall out at once and then I take a day to touch it...
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    [Question] What's your favorite punchline?

    I know we have a What's your favorite joke? thread, but I am, for personal reasons, casting a wider net here. From across all media, what are the lines that made you laugh out loud when you heard them? I'm looking for books, poems, movies, songs, jokes...whatever. If you want to put sources in...
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    [Question] How does one find a analrapist?

    So, I need to find someone to help me work through some issues, but I'll be damned if I know how to approach this. Do I see a therapist or analyst or something more clinical? Should I talk to a general practitioner first for a recommendation, or just hit the yellow pages? Additional info: This...
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    How offensive is this?

    So, I went to tweet this and in an uncharacteristic moment of political correctness realized that I have no idea of it would piss off black people. So, Halforums, how offensive is this?
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    Campaign to get The Onion a Pulitzer Prize

    I wasn't following this until I saw the following video on Facebook. If you've missed the videos, check them out.
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    Go Superego

    I'm starting a thread purely to pimp the podcast Go Superego. If you're not familiar with it, you should be. If you doubt, follow the link below. If you make it through the first bit with Zod and do not laugh heartily, then you may be dead inside. See a doctor...
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    What is the funniest webcomic?

    I believe that this group is sufficiently experienced to speak to this. I'm not looking for thought provoking. I don't want to reflect on my humanity. I want the funneh. So, please commence the debate of the funniest comic, either current or defunct, that the internets have to offer. Is...
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    You know what rocks?

    Moist towelettes rock. Not only do they get things clean, they are one of the few occasions outside of cake descriptions where you can use the word "moist" without being considered inappropriate. That is all.
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    Woman Drives With Corpse For Up To Ten Months

    Calif. driver motored around for months with mummified passenger - Man, some people will do anything to use the carpool lane.
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    Question for the Science Geeks

    A biology question based on some ridiculous fiction I've experienced of late: It's well established that a person or animal cannot spontaneously reshape a la the Wolfman or Jekyll and Hyde. My question is this: what is a realistic time frame for a large scale reconfiguring of an advanced...
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    Duke is officially back...for now

    It's Official: Duke Nukem Forever Coming From Gearbox Software Gearbox has taken on finishing Duke Nukem Forever. I'm concerned because if this thing actually gets released, then Hell freezes over and all these girls will show up who promised to date me at that point, and I'm really, really...