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  1. Allen who is Quiet

    [Drawing] Bumble the is Quiet and The Voluminous Hair Of A Pringles Mustache

    Bumble and I will be drawing every day. Sort of. Look for a new drawing every day of August. 8/1
  2. Allen who is Quiet

    Dave, I'm mad and I'm going to give you a piece of my mind!

    And that piece of my mind is a table flip!
  3. Allen who is Quiet

    [Webcomic] Hark! A Vagrant

    [insert good first post here] Sketch comic up
  4. Allen who is Quiet

    [Webcomic] You Guys, Boxer Hockey is Seriously Fantastic

    Boxer Hockey The First Update TV Tropes Page Tyson Hesse's Twitter Tyson Hesse's Tumblr You guys. Oh man. This is awesome. Discuss. Oh, and it updated today.
  5. Allen who is Quiet

    [Webcomic] Let's Talk Gunnerkrigg Court

    The website The first update TV Tropes page TV Tropes Character Page Tom Siddell's Twitter The Wiki Gunnerkrigg Court is an urban fantasy webcomic by Tom Siddell following Antimony "Annie" Carver and Katerina "Kat" Donlan as they attend Gunnerkrigg Court, a large boarding school. Every...
  6. Allen who is Quiet

    Allen's August Art Jam [Currently NSFW]

    No art yet. No NSFW yet.
  7. Allen who is Quiet

    Bumble, it's time to duel!

    In the time since our last challenge, I've been biding my time, searching for any offense that would allow me to lay down the gauntlet. Thanks to your Fistful of Fists falsehood, I've found occasion. To be proper, our duel needs a theme. It is: The Four Horsemen Riding on Armadillos (Also...
  8. Allen who is Quiet

    Bumble, I'm Calling You Out [NSFW]

    It's you and me. Tablet vs. Tablet. It's a Godzilla-Breathing-Flaming-Penises Off! Pixels will get drawn. Dinosaurs will rampage. We will learn lessons about the dangers of atomic warfare. Tokyo Tower will get cockslapped. If you think you have the nerve, bring it...
  9. Allen who is Quiet

    Mass Effect 3 Trailer Released

    Mass Effect 3 Video Game, VGA 10: Exclusive Debut Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | Oh shiiiiiiiiii
  10. Allen who is Quiet

    D&D 4e Tomb of Horrors

    They released a sample encounter
  11. Allen who is Quiet

    In which Allen makes an art thread and later forgets about it

    Something not pictured is not amusing to a cyclops. Meanwhile, sheep stand around in the background and it is a nice day outside.
  12. Allen who is Quiet

    In Which Allen Talks About Tabletop Games

    These games comprise most of what I think about whenever I'm driving. I have a lot to say about them. I'll probably update this from time to time with new thoughts. Feel free to debate me. Feel free to tell me my taste in games sucks. I enjoyed playing World of Synnibarr. You won't be telling me...
  13. Allen who is Quiet

    On Vehicular Safety and Trimming Bushes
  14. Allen who is Quiet


    Where did you get all that butter for your super delux bacon hat?
  15. Allen who is Quiet

    SSF4 - Let's Fight Like Gentlemen

    Famitsu Magazine scan: Makoto has huge thighs.
  16. Allen who is Quiet

    xkcd General Purpose Thread

    Post updates and discuss the webcomic xkcd here.
  17. Allen who is Quiet

    Girl Genius General Purpose Thread

    You can post updates and talk about the webcomic Girl Genius here.