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  1. jwhouk

    [News] US Capitol Siege 6 January 2021

    Threading it. EDIT: Don't know if we want to consolidate or not.
  2. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Charley Pride (1934-2020)

    Wait, why is this in the Sports Talk Thread? Because. Part owner of the Texas Rangers, former Negro Leaguer, and oh yeah, owner of numerous #1 hits on the Billboard Country Music chart, three Grammys, and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  3. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Dick Allen (1942-2020)

    He shoulda gotten his HOF call today. Instead, he's gone.
  4. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] The Golden Boy (Paul Hornung, 1935-2020)

    Dammit, 2020. I know he was getting up there, but really?
  5. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Eddie Van Halen

    TMZ is reporting, as is the LA Times. :(
  6. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Lou Brock (1939-2020)

    Fastest man in the NL. We're losing Hall of Famers here, kids.
  7. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Stars & Stripes

    Pentagon orders shutdown of Stars & Stripes, the Military Independent Newspaper.
  8. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Tom Terriffic (Tom Seaver, 1944-2020)

    Being reported by the NY Daily News. And now the BBHOF.
  9. jwhouk

    Firefox Security Issue

    Oh boy, here we go: SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE warning is being triggered here by Firefox.
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    [Brazelton] Phyllis George (1949-2020)

    Phyllis George of The NFL Today fame passed away today. She was also noted for being the wife of the governor of Kentucky.
  11. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Richard W. Penniman (aka Little Richard; 1932-2020)

    Little Richard passed away last night. Great gosh almighty. :(
  12. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Don Shula (1930-2020)

    The Perfect Season Gang just lost coach.
  13. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Al Kaline (1934-2020)

  14. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Don Imus (79)

    If your radio sounded funny in the morning, you probably listened to Imus in the Morning - though he retired two years ago. Passed away Dec. 27. No comments came from the Rutgers women's basketball team.
  15. jwhouk

    [Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2020 - WHAM HARDER

    Totally Plagarized from --- The Rules It's not that complicated. Allow us to enlighten you. The First Rule The objective is to go as long as possible without hearing WHAM's Christmas classic; "Last Christmas". The Second Rule The game starts on December 1st, and ends at...
  16. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Ball Four (Jim Bouton, 80)

    Former Yankees/Pilots/several other team Knuckleballer Jim Bouton, author of Ball Four, passed away Wednesday at the age of 80.
  17. jwhouk

    A Tempe Story

    I went on a little road trip today. I'd been meaning to go and peek in at the Arizona State University bookstore in downtown Tempe, and I got a hankering for some coffee. And, due to something that happened last week, I decided I'd kill two birds with one stone. Or a hockey puck. That's what I...
  18. jwhouk

    [Brazelton] Lee Iacocca, Auto Industrialist (94)

    The Man Who Gave Us The Mustang has died.
  19. jwhouk

    [Bug] About Ignoring Posters

    I have noticed that if you are ignoring a poster, you also do not see any threads that they created - even if you posted in said threads before you put the poster on ignore.
  20. jwhouk

    12 Things I Have Learned.

    Twelve Things I Have Learned This Year This is kind of an expansion on a list that I posted on the Book of Face. I figured I'd throw it out here first, with the main list, then an expansion on the individual items. 1. I do NOT miss winter in north central Wisconsin. I know, I've pounded this...