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    [Gaming] Community DnD

    Is an idea that has been tumbling around in my head for a while. It's a social abstraction of the regular game. Instead of a group of players with their own characters, the characters are set. They have guidelines on how to play them, but every week a new person controls that character. For...

    [Brazelton] Helen McCrory OBE, age 52

    Fuck cancer. You'll be surprised all the roles she played.

    [Brazelton] Giant roll of Wrapping Paper

    Yes @Squidleybits , after sixteen years of wrapping birthday presents, our giant roll of neverending wrapping paper has wrapped its last present. Goodbye roll, you will be missed.

    1980s cartoon

    I still make the transforming sound whenever the word is spoken.

    No sports no problem

    This is seriously intense.


    @Zappit can you share a full body picture of the Actioneer? My daughter wants to go to a small con in the city next month and I thought I might be able to dress up like the character.

    [Funny] HCGLNS shall answer almost all your questions!

    Ask away and if it doesn't violate any secrecy oaths I will endeavor to answer. Example Answer: Given that 4 cats live in my house and one of them sits upon everything I am not really bothered by hairy sausages.

    [Brazelton] Harley Race dead at 76 Tough as nails.

    [Food] What Kool-Aid is best?

  10. HCGLNS

    [Brazelton] Steve Ditko, age 90, artist who gave us Spider-Man

    Found dead on June 29, time of death June 27, just now released it was a heart attack. He gave us some of the most iconic looks in comics.
  11. HCGLNS

    Book reviews

    So I added a book review tonight, and my total reviews went down by four? And it does not show up on the recent reviews section.
  12. HCGLNS

    [Announcement] Merry Fucking Christmas!

    If once again I am the only person who calls @Dave on Christmas to wish him a Merry Christmas I will fucking sauna pants the whole fucking lot of you!
  13. HCGLNS

    [Thread Game] HCGLNS is ...

    ... Celebrating @Squidleybits birthday! She's 37 today! Yay!
  14. HCGLNS

    [Brazelton] Malcolm Young of AC/DC has passed.

    Another of the musical legends has left us too soon.
  15. HCGLNS

    [Announcement] Happy Birthday Dave!

    @Dave Happy Birthday!
  16. HCGLNS

    [Brazelton] Harry Dean Stanton, age 91

    One of the great actors of our time. Famous for being so good at his trade; Siskel and Ebert developed the Harry Dean Stanton rule; if he's in your movie, your movie is good.
  17. HCGLNS

    [Announcement] Pugtato is here!

    Hello Pugtato!
  18. HCGLNS

    [Brazelton] Jerry Lewis, age 91

    Don't know where to start really, it's like a fixture of your life is gone.
  19. HCGLNS

    [Gaming] Cornpop and the masters of the universe (Halforums 5e adventure)

    I am Cornpop, halfling of Neverwind. Fatatastic powers were revealed to me when I drank a gallon of ale and killed a bugbear with my bear hands singlehandedly. Only seven people know my secret; Toarent a giant lizard, Sildar's a naked guy from a cave and Silver who stabs things. Together we...
  20. HCGLNS

    [Drawing] Hobo stuff

    Water colour of Provincial Park Rondoudou