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  1. Tinwhistler

    Funny videos

    So, every time I find a funny video, I fell bad putting it in the "awesome" video thread. I just want a thread for mildly amusing stuff. Anyway, I don't remeber if I posted this last time I saw it, but I think of Gas every time I see it. (fuck you autoplay)
  2. Tinwhistler

    [Brazelton] Ded Bob

    If you're not a rennie, you probably don't know who this is. If you are, it's a sad day. Article says he did the show for 25 years, and maybe that's true in Michigan. But he was a staple at the Texas Renaissance Festival since the late 80's...
  3. Tinwhistler

    I'm tired of (seemingly) being the only MFer here that can't draw.

    So I got this "how to draw 101 animals" book to start practicing with. It's not so much a 'this is how to draw' as it is a 'here's some simple line art for you to copy'...but it's a start.
  4. Tinwhistler

    Biden 1st term

    Figured we could get started early with a Biden thread, since he takes office today. I figure we can also change the thread title after we get a better measure of the trajectory of his presidency. Here are some of the the executive actions Biden plans on signing his first day in office...
  5. Tinwhistler

    Shower thoughts...

    As I sit here folding underwear, I recall reading all these articles that say women find a man doing housework a turn-on. And I realize, nobody has ever given me a blowjob for doing laundry.
  6. Tinwhistler

    Metal Earth models

    I can't believe I don't have a thread for this. Every time I come in to post new pics, I find only tangentially related threads that I've put these in. Anyway, the wife's girlfriend got me 10 of these for Christmas. I've been banging out the insect models because they're super simple (around 20...
  7. Tinwhistler

    Christmas Pictures 2020

    For those who want to post Christmas pictures in general (not Secret Santa pics, though those are also welcome--but there's already a thread for them.)
  8. Tinwhistler

    [Brazelton] The Amazing James Randi
  9. Tinwhistler

    [Brazelton] Terry Goodkind (author)
  10. Tinwhistler

    Bought my first laptop today

    Of course, it won't arrive til 2nd week of august, but that's ok. I'm out of town til then. I've had laptops in the past--but they've all been work laptops. And I've bought laptops for the wife and kids at various times. But work laptops have always been sufficient for those times I go out of...
  11. Tinwhistler

    TIL - Tech Edition

    So, I haven't been immersed in operating system/hardware stuff for years. Back in the day, I could tell you every feature of every cpu architecture, and what kind of shit upgrading to different windows versions would get you. These days, I gotta research everything, cause I don't know shit...
  12. Tinwhistler

    Is cross stitch "art"?

    I've always felt it more of a "craft". Once you learn how to do it, it's just repeated mechanical motion. But it can *produce* art..but I'd argue that the person who created the pattern is the artist, not the person who did the stitching. That's just glorified paint by numbers. That said, I...
  13. Tinwhistler

    Tinwhistler's college journey as an old man

    I didn't wanna keep fluffing up the minor victory thread. :D So far, I've passed Intro to IT, Logic and Critical Thinking and Intro to Communications (where I had to write a paper and record a speech in addition to passing a test). Now, on to English Composition, where I have to write 4...
  14. Tinwhistler

    Face masks

    My wife's been making face masks for friends and family and co-workers. But now she's out of personal contacts to make masks for, so I encouraged her to set up an Etsy shop. She's got a ton of cute designs, if anyone is looking for face masks still, or if you just want something cuter than what...
  15. Tinwhistler

    Not dinner. But something I cooked :D

    Jalapenos from the garden Pureed, cooked with cranberry juice and sugar, strained and gelatin added (cause I couldn't find pectin at the store). Jalapeno cranberry jelly on crackers with cream cheese. So nummy. I haven't made this in like 30 years.
  16. Tinwhistler

    Graveyard Keeper review (there will be only minor spoilers)

    So, I just finished Graveyard Keeper (without the DLC). Took me 58 hours. I enjoyed the game all the way until the end. I liked that there were long quest lines with only a few people, rather than 100 minor quests with someone you only talk to once. It really helped weave a story around all of...
  17. Tinwhistler

    All by myself.....

    Used an android app to record myself playing along with myself (get yer minds out of the gutter). The app's a bit laggy, I note. My second recording was a split second off from the first, and the 3rd recording a split second off from that. I can hear it, and it makes me cringe. I dunno if a...
  18. Tinwhistler

    Can't upload pics since the changeover

    I tried to re-upload my shrimp masala pics, and got the "oops! Something went wrong!" error. I tried to just paste the pic into the message body from the clipboard (my most common method in the past) and also clicked the 'insert picture' link in the message input, and browsed to a copy on my...
  19. Tinwhistler

    Might be moving to Indy

    This is a BIG maybe. But if it happens, it'll happen fast, so I'd rather have my ducks in a row. I might be moving to Indianapolis. If so, are there any forumites near the area?