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    [Brazelton] Diego Maradona

    He died a few weeks after brain surgery, recovering at home
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    Secret Santa 2020 - Have a Very Covid Christmas

    Well, I dunno. I've been expecting the appearance of a thread on this for a while now, it's usually posted around Halloween. Let's all give @Emrys something to do! Make sure all the Doomies deliver on time! Anyway, I'm in. Third time's a charm - two years ago I got nothing at all, last year...
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    [Brazelton] Robert Fisk - The Independent - Middle East correspondent

    As The independent writes. he died from a stroke. Best known for....well, a whole metric crapload of really good reporting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, and so on and so forth.
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    I only seem to have like and dislike now ; was still working about an hour ago. I'm going to assume @Dave broke it.
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    [Brazelton] Ennio Morricone

    Composer for about a million westerns, on a rough guess. Dead at 91.
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    [Brazelton] Vera Lynn

    BBC article Forces' Sweetheart Vera Lynn died aged 103. best known for, amongst others, We'll Meet Again and the White Cliffs of Dover.
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    [Brazelton] Little Britain

    Comedy from 2000 that deliberately flaunted stereotypes and made fun of people for believing them, now scrapped everywhere and removed from all streaming services for being too racist. Though, to be fair, I agree -especially some scenes. I actually think the gay scenes are worse than the black...
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    [Brazelton] Irrfan Kahn at age 53

    Indian actor, probably best known elswhere for Life of Pi, Jurassic World, Slumdog Millionaire and Amazing Spider-man :(
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    [Brazelton] Max von Sydow - still playing chess

    Actor Max von Sydow (best known as the Three-eyed Raven these days, I guess, but also as the Knight Antonius Block playing chess with Death in The Seventh Seal) has died today, aged 90.
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    [Brazelton] Larry Tesler

    One of the people behind the WYSIWYG principle of design, and the "inventor" of Copy-paste. Press CTRL-V to pay your respects.
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    Ask JCM Anything!

    I'm sure one of his alts will get around to answering it eventually.
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    [Drawing] Looking for ideas for a wedding logo

    Hello hello, As some of you may be aware of, I'm getting married next summer. As we're getting closer, we're looking for ideas for the design of the "Save the date" cards, the invitations and the thank you gifts. Sadly, neither of us has graphically creative bone in our body. Since we're...
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    Lots and lots of time outs

    I know I seem to be the only one complaining, but the forum is sslsllllllooowwwwww. The home page, new posts page, and forum overview are all fine. Loading a thread is horribly, horribly slow, though. "new" threads are still slow but a lot faster - it's mainly the longer threads that either...
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    [PC Game] Diablo IV: Will Activision screw up yet another Blizzard IP?

    The D4 announcement and a gameplay trailer dropped at Blizzcon...the videos hit all the right notes for me - more a D2 vibe than a D3 vanilla vibe so far but I'm afraid to get excited just yet. Announcement trailer Gameplay trailer - druid, sorceress and barbarian
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    [Brazelton] Rob Garrison (Karate Kid)

    Dead at 59. Finally Zabka can rest easy!
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    [Brazelton] Jeffrey Epstein

    Seemingly committed suicide, sources say. Guardian link And nobody cried, except those who fear the investigations will now be closed and other people protected.
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    [Brazelton] Toni Morrison

    Writer of, amongst others, The Bluest Eye, Paradise, Song of Solomon. Nobel Prize for literature, Pullitzer prize,
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    URLs with queries getting cut off

    Hey guys, This is something I'm simply not familiar with at all, so I'm hoping someone here is more versed in this sort of stuff. This URL: will always return the right page...
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    "Intro to IT" class

    So, I'm taking a class at the moment. I'm going to let you guess what kind. Anyway, today I built my first website in a few years - just good old Hello World stuff in html. Over the coming days we'll be dipping our toes into a lot of things, though all very very shallow. "Setting up a server"...
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    [Question] Opening new tabs on mobile

    This has been going on some time now...when I check this forum on mobile I tend to open four or five threads at once (due to loading speed it's better than it was but still slow) from the new posts button. Opening a thread in the same tab will reliably take me to the first new post (or the...