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    [PC Game] Project Winter

  2. Dei

    Dei's Digital Art Disasters

    This may very well end up being the only post I ever make here due to sheer terribleness. But I decided to work on learning digital art stuff. That said, I made myself a new icon.
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    Halloween 2020 - Socially Distanced Edition

    It's that time of year guys!
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    [Brazelton] Longcat

    RIP Good Kitty
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    What is the correct way to eat String Cheese?

    I just need to prove that @GasBandit is a heathen.
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    [Gaming] Among Us (Saturdays at 9pm EST!)

    This game is really fun, and it's best played with 10 players. Get it on Steam for $5, or play it for free on mobile with very short ads between games (or pay to remove ads). Since I know everyone probably has at least a smart phone, there's really no barrier to entry if you want to join us...
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    [Console] Animal Crossing: Design Ideas and Stalk Market Disasters

    Making a new Animal Crossing thread to keep that stuff together. I will also post people's Design Creator IDs here if people want to share patterns. ------------------- Dei: MA-2128-9587-6923 ------------------- This week I decided I was sick of dropping turnips in my house to keep them safe...
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    [Announcement] Halforums Party Game Night! (First Friday of every month) (Formally Jackbox)

    In case people don't read the bigger thread, I am currently running Jackbox the first Friday of the month every Friday night at 7pm MDT. There is no limit on who can come, as long as you have Discord installed on your PC.
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    Jackbox 6 Night, Friday, Oct 25, 7:30pm Mountain Time

    The new Jackbox has come out today, let's play it! I'll be in Discord starting at 7:30 my time tomorrow, if we get enough people, we'll play!
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    Certificate pop up

    I keep getting a certificate request popup on HF when I use my phone. I don't think it's an issue with my phone because it only happens here. It seems to be a Heroes of the Storm log page (?), so I'm wondering if someone's signature is setting it off?
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    Dei's Mixed Reality VR Thread (Probably filled with lots of Beat Saber and some other things)

    I'm going to stop spamming the What Are You Playing thread now guys. :P ALSO!!!!!!!!! I made a new YouTube channel to match the name I more commonly use online, so if you want to see my Beat Saber stuff on your feed, or you followed my other YouTube channel, sub to this one. :P
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    [Gaming] HF Super Smash Brothers Battle Arena (please answer availability poll)

    I am planning an HF Smash night next weekend! Please pick the dates/times that work best for you so I can plan accordingly. You can pick as many options as apply. Currently, we are planning on having both normal matches and matches where we all fight with personalized Mii Fighters. So make...
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    [Gaming] Most played games on Steam

    So I was sitting around watching my daughter at gymnastics and randomly starting browsing my steam library. I was amused by how much my game habits have changed in the last few years, especially in the sense that I never really played shooters before hanging out with HF folks. What are your top...
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    [Announcement] Weekly Jackbox Game Nights!

    Every Friday at 7pm MDT!
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    [Brazelton] Abe Vigoda, for real this time

    While sad, 94 is a good run.
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    [Brazelton] Debbie Reynolds

    She had a stroke while helping plan her daughter's funeral. :(
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    X-Com 2

    So far, I'm in love just with the character customization and the ability to share them in one form or another. <3 Here's my character link
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    New Years Eve CaH?

    Obviously New Years Eve is tomorrow night, and midnight will come at different times for all of us. However, I'm sure there are plenty of other people on this forum like me who are quite content to stay home (especially when the overnight low here tomorrow night is 0 F), and what better way to...
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    Halloween 2015!

    Halloween is 2 weeks away and no thread yet?! I have a huge headache, but it matters not because it is time to actually start working on my daughter's costume! I have a bunch of stuff for my costume gathered together, but I still need to hunt down the pieces to make a belt and brooch.
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    Pen & Paper Role Playing Games

    I can't find the old D&D thread and I have other things to do with my day, so I'm starting a new thread! To ask for advice! I'm trying to set up a giant heist adventure for my Pirate D&D group. We haven't had a game in a month and a half because of life conflicts and I still can't figure out...