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  1. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Charles Grodin

    86 was a good run, but still, Fuck Cancer
  2. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] RIP Peter Davis

    Here we are, born to be kings We're the princes of the universe!
  3. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Tony Lewis

    Aww, man I still every few months go on a Youtube binge with these guys . .
  4. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Stan Kirsch (Richie Ryan on the Highlander Series)

    There's no good articles to link to yet. But his and the Highlander facebook pages are reporting it. He died Jan 11. Besides most of the movies, I'm huge Highlander fan. Richie grew into a great character. Stan started a *what seems to be* a very good actors training/coaching...
  5. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Buck Henry

    Really, I would have expected Dave to post something. I guess "He missed it by this much"
  6. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Robert Forster *Well damn*

    Just having finished El Camino, Damn :(:(
  7. Tiger Tsang

    Couple of free Steam keys

    I bought Monster Hunter World with a Fanatical Deal and bought their Mystery Bundle 10 pack. I already had "The Flame in the Flood" and Payday 2 Ultimate Edition isn't my cup of tea. Free to a good home, or a bad one.
  8. Tiger Tsang

    MS FoxPro 7

    I have software I use for my job that was based on the above. At some point, we're going to need to move my program to a newer computer/OS (XP atm). One of the managers went and 'cleaned out' a closet, where we had a lot of stuff that DID need to be thrown, and tossed it out instead...
  9. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Gene Wilder

    Well, Damn. Godspeed, Funnyman.
  10. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] Aretha Franklin

    Another legend has passed
  11. Tiger Tsang

    Happy ? Memorial Day!

    I pretty much keep things close to my vest, but screw it. I find this place . . . entertaining . . . in a good way. Salute to all the fellow veterans out there.
  12. Tiger Tsang

    Looking for VPN or similar services

    VPN is too short for the forum search function. I'll pretty much be using it for torrenting and Spoofing my location for Netflix. I don't think I've ever seen my bittorrent go above 2 Mbs for speed info. free / cheap and not shady options are appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Tiger Tsang

    [Question] Ordering Eyeglasses online

    I remember you folks discussing ordering glasses from . . . China? Either it was too far back for the search function or my Forum searching skills are weak. Could you repost those suggestions, please. Thanks
  14. Tiger Tsang

    [Question] Is there a consolidated thread of artists/authors and their works anywhere? (Yes, here)

    While I'm not sure who would police it, would it be possible to get a sticky thread of people and their books, music, etc. I've got a new Kindle Fire and some spare pocket change and thought I'd like to sample some of the talent at Halforums. Nick's book sounds fun, and until a few weeks ago...
  15. Tiger Tsang

    [Brazelton] R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

    Well . . . Damn. *Close your eyes, look deep in your soul Step outside yourself and let your mind go*
  16. Tiger Tsang

    Cell phone and plans advice

    I'm planning on getting a cell phone in the near future and could use some advice. I pretty much want it for streaming audio, a phone and maybe an mp3 player, in that orders. I'd be streaming audio on average about 6.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. I don't need a text plan. I don't need...
  17. Tiger Tsang

    Here's a few moments of awesomeness!

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already . . . The triumph of intellect and romance over brutality and cynicism!