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  1. figmentPez

    WandaVision Spoiler Thread

    I think it's well past time we had a place to discuss this show without spoiler boxes. So, Malcom in the Middle opening, huh? I guess they're conveniently skipping over the Full House era, avoiding Elizabeth Olsen having to say "You're in big trouble, Mister!" Personally, I think it's going...
  2. figmentPez

    Explosion in Downtown Nashville an intentional act

    Police believe RV explosion on Second Avenue North 'an intentional act' "MNPD Public Information Officer Don Aaron said police responded to a shots fired call on Second Avenue North early Friday morning. When officers arrived on the scene, there was no evidence to indicate a shooting, but they...
  3. figmentPez

    [Food] Eggnog 2020 - Just a nog in the machine

    We haven't had a good eggnog thread in a while. I wonder what kind of nog I'll end up buying, after swearing I won't because I want to cut down on sugar?
  4. figmentPez

    See figmentPez in "The 39 Steps"!

    Many of you will already be aware that I've been acting in shows at the local community college, Lone Star College Kingwood, for the past 7 or 8 years. Well, due to the pandemic, everyone will finally have their chance to see me perform! Streaming on Broadway on Demand Nov 18 & 19, LSCK Theater...
  5. figmentPez

    Massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

    Live updates from CNN No definitive word yet on if this is an accident or a terrorist attack, or what, but Trump is claiming that the military has told him it was a bomb. We all know how reliable he is as a source... The Lebanese Prime minister has said that this “will not pass without...
  6. figmentPez

    Streaming box for Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

    The short version: I'm looking for a device that can stream Netflix and Amazon Prime (possibly Hulu or others) at 1080p. Longer version: For a couple of years now my mom has used space in my apartment for sewing quilts. I recently moved to a new apartment, and in the new layout her quilting...
  7. figmentPez

    [Brazelton] Grant Thompson "The King of Random" (YouTube)

    TMZ reports that it was a paragliding accident. He made a lot of clickbait videos, and there were times he got the "science" in his videos really wrong, but he also did a lot of entertaining stuff. I've enjoyed his channel more since he stopped being in the videos himself, but he definitely was...
  8. figmentPez

    Pastor convincted of repeatedly raping his adopted daughter gets off light for being Christian

    Knox judge faces massive backlash over sentencing in former pastor's rape conviction He repeatedly raped a 14 year old girl over the course of two years, and he's only getting 12 years in prison, because the judge thinks a rapist's longtime ministry somehow makes up for it.
  9. figmentPez

    Picking a class in Bordlerlands 2

    Having picked up The Handsome Collection, I now have to pick a class to play in B2. - I will probably be playing solo. - I played Lilith (Siren) in Borderlands 1 and I really loved that class. - During a free weekend of B2 I tried out Salvador (Gunzerker) and really wasn't in love with the...
  10. figmentPez

    Internet Reviewer Crossovers are BACK!

    Remember what Channel Awesome was like before it became a raging dumpster fire? Remember the giant crossover movies like Kickassia and Suburban Knights? Remember how my headline was total clickbait, because these type of crossovers never really stopped? TLDR; Linkara and a bunch of other...
  11. figmentPez

    Ohio State team doctor abused 177+ athletes, it was covered up

    ‘Shocking’: Ohio State doc abused 177, officials were aware
  12. figmentPez

    [Brazelton] William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride

    "For the past few months, the family of Oscar-winning author and screenwriter William Goldman has been by his side as he battled colon cancer, and, more recently, pneumonia. Today, though, his family announced that the writer passed away in his New York City home." - IO9 Also among his credits...
  13. figmentPez

    Happy Birthday Kags!

    Happy Birthday to @LittleKagsin!
  14. figmentPez

    Are apps getting more bloated?

    I've got an older Android phone (Moto G 1st-ish generation, a later model from that gen with LTE), and I'm having to delete apps in order to have enough free space to update my existing apps. Are the core Android apps getting more and more bloated, or is there something wrong with my phone...
  15. figmentPez

    [News] Oh shit! The Fuzz are on Hoverbikes!

    Dubai police will ride hoverbikes straight out of Star Wars HAHAHAHA! Are you serious? 25 minute operating time, 43 mph top speed. Yeah, that's gonna come in super useful. How is this not going to end up killing more people than it helps?
  16. figmentPez

    Laptop for college & video editing

    I have a friend who is going off to college soon. She hasn't finalized her budget (she's waiting for financial aid to come in) but when she does I'd like to be able to offer her some advice. She vlogs so she'd like to be able to edit videos well. So, questions: 1. Are there good, free video...
  17. figmentPez

    Getting 5.1 audio out of my new PC

    I recently got a new PC, an HP Pavilion 560-p015hvr The onboard audio only has 3 rear jacks (stereo out, line in, microphone in) but the specifications of the motherboard's sound say: Audio Codec: ALC3863-CG High Definition (Azalia) 5.1 channel audio support Supposedly this Realtek chipset...
  18. figmentPez

    Happy Birthday LittleKagsin!

    I hope you're having a wonderful day, @LittleKagsin!
  19. figmentPez

    AMA: Journey Into Interrogation with figmentPez

    Keep me entertained today. Ask me questions Halforums!
  20. figmentPez

    Rooting a phone

    I'm thinking about rooting my cellphone. What do I need to know?