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  1. LordRendar

    Running Games in 1080p maybe 1440p

    3 more Months till Cyberpunk releases and I want to get my PC ready. I am still running a RX 480 which served me well the last 3 years, but it has reached the end of its lifespan for me. I am thinking of getting an RX 5700. Or should I spend the extra for an RX 5700XT? I dont mind switching to...
  2. LordRendar

    Need help with a label

    So I am making 30 bottles of Mango-Habanero hot sauce which we will sell on a christmas market for charity. I have no artistic skill and was hoping someone would throw together something I could print on paper. Should be around 5cm(width)x10cm(high). Maybe something with an chili and an mango...
  3. LordRendar

    Your favorite guilty/disgusting food pleasure.

    So, I am making one of my favorite dishes I would never ever serve one of my friends and I was wondering, am I the only one who loves a particular dish but would never let someone else partake in it? The dish I am making is some kind of meat soup/sludge? 1 Diced Onion 1 Clove Garlic 1 lb...
  4. LordRendar

    Crypto Mining

    I was thinking of dipping my toes into Crypto Mining. I dont have time anymore to play a lot of games and was thinking of using my 2 rx480s for mining. Does anyone have any experience?
  5. LordRendar

    Mobo/GPU Problems

    I have a little problem with my Mobo/GPU. I am using a MSI B150M Mortar motherboard and a rx 480 8gb GPU. When I start my PC, the mobo wont recognize the GPU and I get no signal to my monitor, but after I press the restart button once or twice it will start properly. Any ideas what could be...
  6. LordRendar

    Terror Attack in Berlin, Germany.

    An hour ago from the time of this post, a Truck drove into the Christmas Market in Berlin-Charlottenburg. 9 dead and many more injured. The perpetrator is still on the loose...
  7. LordRendar

    Military Coup in Turkey

    According to the media there is currently a military coup in Turkey. Airports are shut down and roads leading out of Ankara are blocked.
  8. LordRendar

    Monitor Issues

    My Problem is, that my monitor will turn black say "searching for signal" and then flicker and return to the desktop. This was a minor issue,till I bought GTA V. I launch it, the monitor will turn black und display the "searching for signal" message but if I Alt+Tab I easily return to the...
  9. LordRendar

    Need a new CPU cooler

    I bought myself a new case for my PC. The Sharkoon T28. Dimensions (mm) 200 x 475 x 440mm (W x D x H) CPU cooler clearance 160mm I use an AMD Phenom II 960T 3 Ghz processor, an AMD Radeon 7850,2x 1TB Harddrives and a 650W PSU. I am looking at the Mugen 4 PCGH Edition cooler or the...
  10. LordRendar

    External Drive not appearing

    I have a 1Tb external drive (the prdoucer is CnMemory) I use for storing pictures and movies. Worked like a charm,didnt make no sound but after booting up my pc today the external drive is gone and the disk is making a slightly audible highpitched continious beep. I tried changing USB...
  11. LordRendar

    Getting a new Bike

    So I am planning on buying a Racingbike. Nothing too fancy,around 700€. I am planning on joining the Vattenfall Cyclassics in the Summer,which is a 100km race. Any Ideas for what kind of bike I should get? I want to start easy,most bikeforums I perused are full of Bike enthusiast who do 2500km...
  12. LordRendar

    BSOD 0x1E error

    My pc is having the BSOD all of a sudden. Usually when I am watchin Videos online or downloading stuff. My drivers are up to date.
  13. LordRendar

    Unlocking Cores

    A little technical data upfront: Mobo: ASRock N68C-S UCC Mainboard Sockel CPU: AMD Phenom II 4X 960T BE and using Win 7 64bit I tried to unlock my cores using the inbuild UCC. After rebooting I saw that my core is actually a 6 core. But it will either freeze at the Windows starting scene...
  14. LordRendar

    Help me get a Jumpfrompaper Bag

    I really really want to buy a bag from Jumpfrompaper , but they dont ship to Germany. Would be thankful if someone from the US could buy it for me after I send them the money and send it to me.
  15. LordRendar

    The Pope resigns The Pope will resign at the end of the month for yet undisclosed reasons. Is it because of his age or is there a scandal in the background?
  16. LordRendar

    Recommend a budget graphic card for around 120€

    title says all.
  17. LordRendar

    [Question] How to remove Win 7 from Dual Boot

    A couple of days ago I had to update my PC to Win 7 64-bit because I went from 4GB Ram to 8Gb. I created a 30gb partition to install the 64 bit version. Is there a way to remove the Win 7 32bit version from the main partition without formatting the drive?
  18. LordRendar

    [Question] Words are suddenly links to other websites...

    For some reason some keywords (girl,date,deal,buy,etc) on websites are underlined and are links to different websites.Is this because of some programm or because of some Firefox update I am unaware of?
  19. LordRendar

    The Scale of the Universe
  20. LordRendar

    [Question] Wireless Logitech Mouse wont Drag

    Like the thread title says,I cant drag icons when in Windows 7. Any tips?