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  1. klew

    [Gaming] Cards Against Originality game nights

    I have never participated in the forum game nights so far, what with me not having the same games, nor a computer capable of running them well. Now that there is an online version of Cards Against Humanity called Cards Against Originality, most of us should be able to join and play something...
  2. klew

    Should I take the job and move?

    Here's the story: been unemployed for a little over a year, and have been applying for everything science/lab related that looks like I can meet the minimum qualifications, had a couple of interviews that didn't work out. In the meantime, I also applied to local retailers - movie theater...
  3. klew

    paid Android App recommendations

    I have free Google Play credit from buying the Nexus 7 last year that expires at the end of this month. I'd like recommendations for paid Android apps so I can spend it all. I'm not rooted and have no interest in rooting, so stock apps, preferably games, are what I'd like to buy (ideally for...
  4. klew

    Free Comic Book Day

    Saturday, May 1. I found that just one comic book store on this island is participating (I think there are only 2 shops total), so I'll postpone tonight's attendance of The Losers to go tomorrow and consolidate everything into one bus trip.
  5. klew

    Monopoly City Streets

    A free online game where you get to buy real-world streets (as long as they are on Google maps database) anywhere in the world. Some high-profile streets are either real expensive or owned by the game (so players can't own them). It's basically a giant advertisement for a new version of the...
  6. klew

    Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

    Want to join the HF House of Frozen Pain? League ID: 176658 pw: halforums I have it set to autodraft, unless we can get enough people who want a live draft. Either way, it's best to set your own draft order. If we keep it as...
  7. klew

    Winter Olympics Vancouver

    I want to go the Winter Olympics in Vancouver with a friend, we're looking at being there for the end of the Games, so he can get discounted souvenirs when it's over. Currently, hotels are largely unavailable online, so they are either all booked up (possible), not taking online reservations...