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    HDCP compliant monitor?

    So.... is this still a thing? I'm looking to buy a monitor (in the end two) for a new rig that I"m going to be building. But because of my immediate gratification complex I was looking and found a monitor up the road at my local Staples for a not bad price that I could be putting to use in the...
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    Internal promotion interview advice sought

    Sooooooooo, it's been awhile since I posted I know. Let's get up to speed. I think last time I posted (life and work stuff) I was looking for advice on trying to find a home as I relocated across the country for a new position at work. Well good news, I found a place and it's been an eventful...
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    [Rant] Moving to Pennsylvania

    I'm moving to PA. The company I work for has opened a new facility there and a little while ago I was flown out for a week to do a "working interview." I'm excited about the opportunity. It does not come with a pay increase, or a promotion, or any extra compensation of any sort, and a slight...
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    [Question] Math assist

    Ok resident Math whizzes. I need a formula to calculate compound interest. I know what your thinking, there are tons of compound interest calculators out there online already, but I can't find one that works for what I'm trying to do and so far I have not been able to put this together myself...
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    Forum Chess game

    Just curious if there would be any interest in having a chess add on where forumites could play against each other, or if there would even be any interest in such a thing.
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    [Announcement] Rally the troopers! Happy Birthday Espy

    Unless the forum is lying to me... Happy Birthday Espy
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    I know you didn't think your cellphone was secure anyhow but....

    This is a little spooky all the same. That's a lot of towers, I would assume many more are out there, to have been erected and just silently spying for... who knows how long?
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    Superman will never satisfy his lust for being a dick

    Nick started it.... ok, well technically he didn't but I thought this would be a moment of humor instead of necroing theMan of steel thread or the other =95']several references to
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    Maniac Mansion vs Day of the Tentacle

    So, bored out of my mind and looking for a thread to necro yesterday I came across this thread and it occurred to me that I had never played through Day of the Tentacle. So I did. I *cough* found *cough* a copy yesterday and decided to play through it. And I enjoyed it, but in no way did I...
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    Resigning my position (herein lies a wall of text)

    Preface: I have something I need to get off my chest, and a way to get all my thoughts in order before I take my next steps. That's what this post is meant to be, and that is all. I can not go into certain details, however if anyone actually makes it to the end of this and has questions I can...
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    face recognition at its.....?

    I got a bit of a kick out of this website. Upload, or point to a url on the net of a picture with a face and it will analyze the picture and kick back three things. percentage guess of gender, age, and percentage likeness of famous people. thankfully the program...
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    100 suited days

    Or something like that. Again I make a return to the forums. Hi. Miss me? So i have a new bit of a "project" you might say and i come the good members (the rest of us are included too) of Halforums for a little input and discussion. i will soon be putting together a blog/website journalling...
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    your necro is here to dig up an artist

    Ok, so i need someone who wants to take on a comic. i have had an idea for what was originally a graphic novel rolling around in my head for over a decade. i honestly thought it would never see the light of day simply because when it comes to putting pen to paper (or the digital equivalent in...
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    Calling all Crones

    Tagging one #Biannoshufu , looking to say Hi. damn it, how do you tag someone?
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    Ask TN anything answered by the previous poster version

    So, here's the idea. Your standard ask me anything thread except I won't be answering your questions. You can ask them of me, but the previous poster in line gets to answer. Don't know the answer, that's ok, make something up. Corrupt a wish version bonus points. .
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    I'm hungry....

    I recently quit smoking, or ... am working on it (five days, but I'm staying strong, I really want to be a nonsmoker) and although I live an active physical lifestyle (I'm still the same waist size I was when I graduated highschool 15 years ago) I do find myself still wanting to eat a bit more...
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    "Who" is the best Doctor?

    In light of the announcement of Matt Smith leaving as the Doctor, and as I think back about the series that I have watched, I pose this: A simple question. Who is the the best Doctor? I have not watched the series from the beginning, and only got interested since the re imagining of 2005. But...
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    [News] What's your name? Close enough, off to jail with you.

    Atlanta woman wrongly imprisoned 53 days because name.
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    You're so vain...

    I bet you think this message is about you. Don't you. Don't you.
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    Thunder, lightening, dance, and all that jazz....

    Your Necromancer has returned. don't cheer to hard you'll hurt yourself Life has been... very up and down for a while now. Finally have reliable internet again so I may be around a little. Missed much?