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  1. Tress

    [Announcement] Secret Santa 2019 - A new Santa is Needed

    Hi all! It's been a fun few years running the Secret Santa around here, but I've hit my limit. My personal life is, well, complicated. I'm sure everyone here can relate. To that end, I would like to step away from my Secret Santa duties and pass on the mantle to someone else here. The process...
  2. Tress

    [Announcement] HF Secret Santa 2017 - Fashionably Late Edition

    Hello everyone! I have been busy with work and personal life so much that I literally forgot to set all this up. For that, I am very sorry. I think we still have enough time to pull it off, so let's give it a go! What is it? It's a Secret Santa between your fellow halforumites. Everyone who...
  3. Tress

    [Announcement] HF Secret Santa 2016 - Make Santa Great Again Edition

    I know it may seem a bit early, but I thought I would get ahead of it this year. If you want to ignore this for a few weeks, be my guest. What is it? It's a Secret Santa between your fellow halforumites. Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked...
  4. Tress

    HF Secret Santa 2015: Santa is Coming Edition

    What is it? It's a Secret Santa between your fellow halforumites. Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you should leave a few hints in a post to this thread as to what sort of interests you have...
  5. Tress

    HF Secret Santa 2014: Better Late Than Never Edition

    Hello! I must start with an apology to all of you. I volunteered to take over this year, but I allowed myself to get sidetracked with work and personal life stuff. I should have started this November 1st. I have no good excuse. From this point on I'm going to make sure that I keep this up to...
  6. Tress

    [News] High School Seniors Show No Improvement on Latest Tests

    As you can read for yourself in the story here, the latest round of tests show that high school seniors are doing no better in math or English than they were 4 years ago, and barely any improvement over the last ~20 years. Only about 25% of seniors are proficient in math, while roughly 40% are...
  7. Tress

    [Comics] What does DC think of Superman?

    Obviously I first thought of @ThatNickGuy when I read this, but I would love to see what everyone else thinks too. First off, DC has released a collection of Superman comics ostensibly designed to highlight and celebrate the character. (Amazon link) What really caught my attention, though...
  8. Tress

    Touch screen monitor?

    First, let me preface this post by admitting that I don't know enough about hardware. Years ago I just stopped keeping up with computer hardware, so as a result I'm beginning to sound more and more like some out-of-touch old man. Okay. My parents went overboard for my birthday this year and...
  9. Tress

    Washington D.C. to Wal-Mart: We're raising minimum wage... but just for you

    Okay, not just Wal-Mart... but mostly. Story here: TL;DR version: Any corporation in Washington D.C. that makes over 1 billion dollars in revenue at any store larger than 75,000 feet would have a different minimum wage compared to other companies ($12.50/hour compared to DC's usual...
  10. Tress

    [News] What should happen to the NSA Whistleblower?

    The identity of the man who leaked the info about the NSA's Verizon/cell carrier activities has been revealed. He has fled to Hong Kong, and he's apparently worried that the CIA will try to assassinate him in the near future. He suggested he might seek asylum in a country that would respect his...
  11. Tress

    New Immigration Reform

    TL;DR version: A bi-partisan group of Senators are proposing legislation to help fix immigration. The proposals include allowing for temporary legal status while the government runs background checks, then allowing illegal immigrants to apply for green cards after all have been screened. They...
  12. Tress

    The Official "Legend of Zelda" Timeline

    GameTrailers has a new "Timeline" series, starting with The Legend of Zelda franchise. The clip embedded below is like a teaser; you have to go to the main website to get the full 40 minute video. The full version can be found here, at GameTrailers.
  13. Tress

    [TV] What is the best comedy on TV right now?

    As Bowielee correctly noted, my last thread only focused on dramas. I didn't think much about it, because that's what I watch the most. But I know there are quite a few popular comedies out there right now. Which ones are the best? Same rules as before. You can only choose shows that are still...
  14. Tress

    [TV] What is the best drama on TV right now?

    A friend of mine and I were having a fun discussion about whether or not this is a golden age for television shows, especially in terms of quality. I thought I would bring that discussion here as well. As the thread title says, I want to know what the best show on TV is right now. I don't...
  15. Tress

    Spam bots

    So I'm guessing we need to stop guest posting for a while.
  16. Tress

    [News] Where is President Obama on the political spectrum?

    So this little gem was on the AP newswire: GOP blasts Obama as left of Bill Clinton A couple things really struck me as odd. First, hearing Newt Gingrich (!!) talk about Clinton as a centrist was amazing. This is the same man who used to rail against Clinton for being so liberal. Second...
  17. Tress

    [Question] I need some anime suggestions

    My niece told me tonight that she recently got into anime. She also confided that I'm the only relative she has who even understands what anime is, much less ever watched it. The problem is that, while I've enjoyed a few series here and there, I'm no expert. She told me the only thing she's...
  18. Tress

    [Movies] Don't Like 3D? You Shall Be Punished

    CEO of Spotlight Theaters announces that cinemas will begin to eliminate the premium charges on 3D movies and raise the prices of 2D movies to make up the difference. As Roger Ebert points out, this is essentially punishing people who avoid 3D. I truly hope there is a wide backlash to...
  19. Tress

    First Amendment Rights and TV

    Long story short, the Supreme Court is currently examining the fairness of FCC policies regarding the restriction of profanity and nudity. The broadcast networks, especially Fox, feel that the restrictions and subsequent fines are arbitrary. The main example used was the fines for when...
  20. Tress

    Some things never change in Kentucky

    A church in Kentucky has banned interracial marriages after one of its members (a white woman) brought her fiancé (a black man born in Zimbabwe) to services. I truly did not think any institution would be bold enough/stupid enough to try this in the modern era. Of course some people are still...