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  1. Bowielee

    [Other] Game Grumps LIVE

    what's up Fokkers? Long time no chat! How's tricks? So. I just got back from seeing the Game Grumps live in Minneapolis and it was fun as hell. They played Mario Party 10 with teams 3 and 4 being half the audience. I had a great time. Ninja Brian sat about 10 feet away from me for part of...
  2. Bowielee

    20th Anniversary of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill

    I was going to post this yesterday, but never got around to it. 06/09/15 marked the twenty year anniversary of the release of one of my favorite albums of all time Alanis Morissette's "Jagged Little Pill." This album, of course, featured the song Ironic, which stirred up a bit of controversy...
  3. Bowielee

    [PC Game] Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway

    Hey everybody, Blizzard sent me some free beta keys to share with friends. I have three to give out. I first want to gauge interest. I don't want to just give it to three people who just post first and are ambivalent about the game and then get flooded with requests from people who legitimately...
  4. Bowielee

    [News] Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, and Andrew Dickman leave TGWTG

    I was going to put this in the TGWTG thread, but it looks like that one aged out. So, apparently as stated in the title, a bunch of people have started bailing on That Guy With the Glasses/Chanel Awesome because they are basically douchebags to the content producers. Here's Lupa's...
  5. Bowielee

    [Question] Sexual attraction and racism

    So, I recently read an article claiming that gay men who post on "dating" sites that they are only attracted specific races are racist. I'm curious what people think about it.
  6. Bowielee

    [Gaming] Heroes of the Storm hype thread - Now Fully Released

    This thread is a preemptive placeholder for Blizzard's MOBA type game. You can register for the alpha/beta here: I've been in the alpha for a few months now and I'm having an absolute blast with it. They have recently moved into the final alpha phase, which...
  7. Bowielee

    [Question] Controversial poll about sex

    Branching from a discussion about sex and consent.
  8. Bowielee

    [Writing] I got published....

    Ok, so it's in a really small local publication that's free, but hell, I'll take what I can get. Just thought I'd share the short story of mine that they printed in The Nemadji Review. Sorry for the weird formatting, and the few errors I missed before print. Wounds Katie sat on the dingy...
  9. Bowielee

    [Other] The return of the Stephen Fry Appreciation Thread I just ran across this on youtube, and thought I would push my gay agenda again :P
  10. Bowielee

    [Question] Nerd Fight 2014

    So, I've just been thinking a lot recently about nerd/geek/whatever culture lately and some of the labels contained therein. Geek Culture is a phrase that's being tossed around all over the place in the mainstream media lately. I guess the first thing is sorting out some of the terminology. To...
  11. Bowielee

    [Movies] Our Robocop Remake Gotta be better than the actual remake :P
  12. Bowielee

    [Other] The Christmas present haul thread

    A thread in which we share any of the awesome stuff we got for Christmas. Hard cover boxed set of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The edition of The Hobbit is this cool little hardcover pocket book. Enough money to pay for at least a quarter of my upcoming dental work.
  13. Bowielee

    [News] Alan Turing given a posthumous royal pardon Honestly, while it may be the very definition of too little, too late, this is a nice gesture for the horrible treatment of one of the most brilliant men of the modern age. All that fuss over liking dick. I'm really glad I live in the time I do.
  14. Bowielee

    [Brazelton] Paul Walker

    Paul Walker, famous for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise, has ironically died in a car accident.
  15. Bowielee

    [Movies] Netflix Halloween Jamboree

    Alright, kids. It's Halloween and I don't have class until 1PM tomorrow. Recommend me some good scary movies. Only those on Netflix, please. I can't really decide on my own right now.
  16. Bowielee

    [Question] Firefox for Android

    So, I just got the Galaxy S3 and am loving it so far. I see that there is a version of Firefox for Android, anyone have any experience with it? I'm not a huge fan of Android's native browser, so I'm looking for a good alternative.
  17. Bowielee

    [Music] Top 10 favorite complete albums

    I have been thinking about this lately. It's extremely rare that I love all the songs on an album. I decided it would be fun to see what complete albums people love. On all the albums listed, I could listen to any track on the album and be completely happy with it. I'm restricting myself to 1...
  18. Bowielee

    [Brazelton] Ryan Davis wow... dead at 34... I'm just floored by this.
  19. Bowielee

    [TV] Build your fantasy Star Trek crew

    So, seeing as there seems to be alot of new and old Star Trek watching lately, I felt like doing this thread. Build your dream Star Trek Crew. Here's mine: Captain: Jean Luc Picard First Officer: Kira Nareese Science Officer/astrometrics: Spock Doctor: the EMH from Voyager (it was a toss up...
  20. Bowielee

    [Comics] Fear Itself

    So, I read Fear Itself as I wanted to find out what bridged Siege to Avengers vs X-men. Man, what a horrible series. The only tie in books I even liked were Hulk vs Dracula and The Deep. Seems like it was just to get things back to status quo after Siege. Iron Man gets humbles by Odin so he...