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  1. @Li3n

    [Brazelton] Sean Connery

    The original James Bond is gone at 90.
  2. @Li3n

    [Brazelton] Dame Diana Rigg

    Passed peacefully at 82:
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    [Brazelton] Jerry Stiller... 92

    Seinfeld star and father of actor Ben dies aged 92 (also, inventor of Festivus)
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    [Brazelton] Vir

    Stephen Furst has sadly passed away. At least we'll always have this scene:
  5. @Li3n

    Starcraft remastered

    Can't believe no one posted about it yet. Sonme of the dimensions are a bit off, but it looks like a pretty faithful adaptation of the style. And apparently SCBW is going to be free on Blizzard App.
  6. @Li3n

    [Brazelton] The man from U.N.C.L.E.

    They finally got Napoleon Solo! And on the eve of renewed cooperation with Rusia too.
  7. @Li3n

    Netflix's Voltron

    Apparently that's a thing that's happening: And here's a version with the 80's opening:
  8. @Li3n

    Star Wars Ep. VII has a name...

    ...and it's "The Force Awakens"! I tihnk we can all agree, Lucas might have sucked at writing dialogue, political intrigue and needed an editor that could say NO to him more then anything, but damn, he knew how to title stuff.
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    Help me find a cartoon/comic

    So a friend of mine wanted to know if i could help him remember where this was from, but it doesn't sound familiar to me at all: Anyone have any ideas?
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    Millions die in unprecedented attack

    In WoW that is: Man, look at all those bodies.
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    [Console] So the Wii U just got a release date...

    Well for Japan at least:
  12. @Li3n

    Conservepidia, or how trolls can drive a crazy person crazier

    So i was browsing reddit when i came across this: Of all the revealed stuff this stood out: On a related note, I should point out that we (I and the other sysop with a long mustache to mischievously...
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    [News] Science says: Rich people are better at being assholes then you If you weren't so lazy you too could be more of an asshole... just try harder poor people...
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    The Curse of Shazam - most appropriate title ever? Wow, you'd think by now they'd understand that making the Big Red Cheese "mature" doesn't work... but i guess not: And they're once again trying to change his name to Shazam... just because they can't put Cpt. Marvel on...
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    [News] Women, just as capable as men.... in keeping the other sex down See, we're all equally awful...
  16. @Li3n

    Stephen Colbert for President of the United States of South Carolina

    Down with Mitt the Reaper: And they got the Trinity Killer to do the voice... awesomesauce...
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    [Announcement] With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

    Well this looks interesting:
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    [Comics] Marvel to government: Mutants aren't human!

    Guess we know where Marvel's sales department stands on the Sentinel issue: But hey, now you can shut up anyone that says you're playing with dolls... "they're legally toys dumbass".
  19. @Li3n

    Da Bible mon... Closest thing we'll get to an Ork version... now i want a video of someone reading it... English, God's chose language... :facepalm:
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    Stay a while and listen...

    We found Deckard Cain: It's Dovakhiin in reverse... except that the name is actually acceptable in society...