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  1. Emrys

    Happy Holiday Season 2019

    Happy holidays to everyone! I hope you spent time with your family (if that's your thing) or time with your friends (if that's your thing) or time with yourself (if that's your thing). I spent time with my weasels 'cause that's my thing. Thank you for being such wonderful people. You make me...
  2. Emrys

    Happy birthday, Bubble181

    Bonne fête, mon cheri!
  3. Emrys

    Is anyone missing a computer chair?

    Hello, all you happy people. I got a mysterious shipment at my office this morning - a Bossin computer chair. I didn't order this and everyone I asked said they didn't order it for me, so did someone here mistakenly use my address for their shipment? It looks like it came from and...
  4. Emrys

    Identifying predatory publishers

    This question is for those in academia - how do you identify predatory publishers/journals/etc? I administer a scholarship competition that relies heavily on the applicant's publishing record. The higher-ups really want to crack down on students who knowing publish with predatory journals, so I...
  5. Emrys

    Thanksgiving 2018: The Turkeying!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Halforumites! :heart: And to those who aren't American, I hereby make you honourary Americans, so go eat some pie. And remember
  6. Emrys

    Happy birthday, Tinwhistler

    Make a birthday wish!
  7. Emrys

    I'm buying a new car...

    ...because a stupid deer decided to be a shmuck. Now, I've never bought a new car before. As a new car virgin, what would you recommend I consider in a new car and what should I avoid like a plague rat? As @Bubble181 obliquely pointed out, maybe I should add some details. I live way out in the...
  8. Emrys

    Happy birthday, Cheesy1!

    I hope you have a great day!
  9. Emrys

    Message ratings

    Just out of idle curiosity... Are you more likely to rate a message if you see someone else has rated it? Are you more likely to rate messages from certain people or messages that have already been rated by certain people?
  10. Emrys

    Happy birthday, Officer_Charon!

  11. Emrys

    I've had 4 hours of sleep, so AMA.

    You might get a weird answer. You might get a short video of me drooling on my keyboard. You might have a doomweasel show up at your house later tonight. Go ahead; take a chance.
  12. Emrys

    Let's play "Critique my resume"

    I'm applying for a part-time job because doomweasels are frakkin' expensive to feed. Water buffalo don't come cheap, ya know. So would any of your kind souls be willing to look over the resume I've put together for this position? Just to let you know, I'm not looking for a professional...
  13. Emrys

    Happy Holidays, Halforums!

    Thank you to my Halforums family for all of your love and support. Thank you for the hugs and the bro-fists. Thank you for listening to me bitch about grad students and crazy doomweasels. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and nerdiness. I've learned an incredible amount on a wide...
  14. Emrys

    Americans will never satisfy their lust for turkey and pumpkin pie

    Happy Thanksgiving, all you crazy Americans. What y'all doing today? Besides not keeping me entertained on Halforums.
  15. Emrys

    Civilian impersonates military member on Remembrance Day

    Y'all heard about this? Evidently, this guy showed up at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa in a mish-mash Canadian military uniform, was interviewed on CTV and supposedly gave his actual name, France Gervais. Now the military is trying to track him down, and I don't think it's going to be...
  16. Emrys

    [Question] Calling all MSTies

    One of our members is a MST3k virgin. In order to rectify this unfortunate situation, I offered to send him a selection of discs but I want to send the best episodes. So, my fellow MSTies, if you were introducing someone to MST3K, which ones would you chose?
  17. Emrys

    [Question] Looking for a free video editor

    I'm not going to be able to fly down to Mobile for my grandfather's 90th birthday party so I'm going to send a video instead. It's going to be short, no more than 5-6 minutes of me blabbing my face off. About the only thing fancy I want to do is put in a screen that reads "I love you, Papa"...
  18. Emrys

    Calling all band geeks

    Continuing from the Old Picture thread, how many of us were band geeks? What instrument did you play? Are you still playing today? Flute in grades 9 & 10, until I got braces. Then I switched over to percussion in marching band season and bassoon in symphonic band season. I still play the...
  19. Emrys

    Happy birthday, Cheesy1!

    The doomweasels and I hope you have a great one, cheri!
  20. Emrys

    Buying a house

    Greeting future minions fellow Halforumites, So, yeah, my landlord is being a complete bastard about the doomweasels. When I asked what the deal was, I was told that they can spread plague and rabies. "What, both at the same time?", I asked. I have to be out by December 31st. So, I'm going...