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    Well well well... look who just won the championship in our fantasy football league! :D
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    More and More Idiots Think Obama is a Muslim

    The title says it all. The article can be found here. Analysts attributed this increase to increasing negative attacks from political opponents (Republicans and conservatives were mentioned specifically). All I can say is, "what the fuck?" One, why are people getting even more stupid...
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    Who is the worst president of all time?

    Ben Quayle says it's Obama. Yes, the son of Dan Quayle. According to his new ad, Obama is the worst ever and he wants to be elected to Congress so he can "'knock the hell' out of Washington." What state, you might ask? Arizona of course. So, is he right about Obama? Is it fair to call...
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    Looks like Nevada is screwed either way

    Okay, as the title suggests, I'm no fan of Harry Reid. Having said that, his Tea Party-backed Republican opponent keeps getting farther and farther out onto the fringe. A sampling of her positions include: 1) Banning homosexual couples from adopting on the basis that they are unfit to be...
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    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    The last thread for this game is closed, and I thought it was time we gave this game some love. Capcom announced 4 new fighters at SDCC. Two of them were expected, while the other two are pleasant surprises. I cannot wait for this game. Anyone else looking forward to it? Any particular...
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    Tea Party: Racist or Victims of Racism?

    Let's dive right into it, shall we? The Tea Party is in some hot water at the moment over a controversal blog post where a member referred to the head of the NAACP as "Tom's nephew and NAACP head colored person." In response, a coalition of the Tea Party expelled the guy and his particular...
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    God of War Makes Great Indie Movie Spoof

    I was torn between posting it here, or in the games forum. Ultimately I realized this is much more a spoof of indie movies than GoW. Even the music is spot on, and the whole thing is so tongue-in-cheek it's awesome. As Joystiq said: "Really, the only things missing from this trailer are...
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    Time for More Replay in Baseball?

    If you're reading this, odds are you're familiar with the debacle in Detroit last night. It's just one of many mistakes umpires have made. Afterall, no one is perfect. So? Is it time for expanded use of instant replay in baseball? Personally, I think they should allow more instant...
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    The newest clique in high school: "teenage werewolves"

    Because goth kids and emo kids are soooooo lame. Wow. :rolleyes:
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    Massive earthquake in Chile

    Geez, it's been a crazy year for natural disasters. Quoted from the AP news story that can be found here. So, will people be able to send as much support to Chile as they did to Haiti? Or are we "tapped out," so to speak? Will Chile need the same level of assistance?
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    The Procrastination Thread

    I've been meaning to make this thread for a while now. So, here I am cruising Halforum when I should be working. I have a massive paper due Friday night, 11:59 pm. I've had this assignment for a good month and a half now, but naturally I didn't want to do it and kept putting it off. It's...
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    Creepy! (Paranormal Activity)

    Wow... So I just saw Paranormal Activity at a local theater. Sooooo creepy! I'm also surprised that there wasn't a thread for this before (not one I could find, anyway). For those of you unfamiliar, it's a horror movie about a couple in a haunted house. It's shot camcorder-style, but...
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    The REAL Planet Earth

    A friend of mine showed me the trailer for his new film, which he's releasing soon online. It's called "The Real Planet Earth." Basically he's collected some hilarious/frightening/stupid footage of people doing hilarious/frightening/stupid things. He's approaching it like a documentary with...