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    Rise of Skywalker with Spoilers

    That was disappointing.
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    2019 NCAA Football Thread

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    [NHL] 2019-2020 NHL Season

    This season can go only one of two ways: 1) Less painful than last season. 2 The leafs winning the cup.
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    Star Wars Ep. IX has a name...

    The Rise of Skywalker.
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    [NCAAF] 2018 College Football Season

    New season, new thread. Hopefully a good one for Mizzou.
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    Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: Who's sexually harassing? Who's sexually harassed? Let's find out!

    This seems too political for any media thread and too entertainment based for any political thread so here we go. Since this seems like it's not going away anytime soon. The newest name to come out is Louis CK. There have been a ton of rumors about him for years, so this one isn't too...
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    [Brazelton] Hugh Hefner

    Its weird. The magazine clearly lost relevance over the years, but he always felt like an icon despite that. Its hard to imagine someone having a much better life than him though. RIP.
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    [Bug] Pasting tweets into quick reply

    This is super-specific but I've found when I paste a link to a tweet in the quick reply box, it doesn't show up. The link still pastes, but it is not visible I've had to go to the full reply area to confirm that its there.
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    [Brazelton] Adam West

    Whether you know him as the caped crusader, or the mayor from family guy or having a trope named after him, he had a pretty cool and unique career. RIP
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    Site connection issue?

    I can't connect to this site from my computer. I tried using a different browser or incognito mode but that didn't help. Using a proxy made it work though and I was able to ping it so I dunno. I know net neutrality is the big thing these days, but I can't imagine halforums will be the first...
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    [Contest] Super Bowl Squares!

    Yeah, we're doing this. If you don't know anything about football, don't worry you are at literally 0 disadvantage vs the guy who watches every snap of every game. How do you play? Go to the following link (password Durr08): You will have to make an...
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    [Movies] Star Wars Ep. VIII has a name...

    The Last Jedi.
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    [Brazelton] Craig Sager

    I know this forum isn't much for basketball, but he was absolutely the best sideline reporter. Had an amazing career stretching all the way from being there for Hank Aaron's 715th, to interviewing LeBron after he had one of the greatest games of his life back in June. He had cancer so this...
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    Getting a laptop

    So, my laptop is showing signs of being on its way out, and I'm finally gonna bite the bullet on a new one. Unfortunately, I don't know shit about computer hardware. I have found this site as a good place to customize laptops, but I'm not much of a gamer so I feel like I might be spending on...
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    [Brazelton] Vine

    Twitter has announced that it is going to shut down vine. Really disappointing as it was easily the best way to get quick highlights on Twitter, but I guess it's just more proof that popularity != money on the Internet.
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    [Brazelton] Arnold Palmer RIP to the first man to come up with mixing Iced Tea and Lemonade. Oh, and I think he was a pretty good golfer too.
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    [NCAAF] 2016 College Football Thread

    Top 10 Tennesee is currently losing to Appalachian State. Something about this seems familiar... I've missed you, football.
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    [Brazelton] Mr. Hockey

    One of the all time greats. I don't think we'll ever see a player hang on as long as he did (and he was wasn't too bad in his 50s either). He had a great, long, life but it seems to be a bad week to be an all time legend in a sport.
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    [Brazelton] Muhammad Ali

    According to ABC News One of the great athletes of our time. Its sad to see what it did to him in his later years. Hope he's at peace.
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    [Soccer] Lets talk soccer

    For @Bubble181 Soccer is stupid. You play for a half hour longer than most other sports and you're still lucky if you see one shot on goal, let alone a goal itself. The fact that soccer is the most popular sport in most countries that aren't america is undeniable proof that we're the greatest...