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    The 91st Academy Awards

    The nominations for the Oscars have been announced. Best Picture: “Black Panther” “BlacKkKlansman” “Bohemian Rhapsody” “The Favourite” “Green Book” “Roma” “A Star Is Born” “Vice” Lead Actor: Christian Bale, “Vice” Bradley Cooper, “A Star Is Born” Willem Dafoe, “At Eternity’s Gate” Rami Malek...
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    Reboot is Getting a Revival...

    ...And it does not sound promising. According to casting calls, the show will be a mix of live-action and CGI, about four teenagers who find out on their first day of high school that they're training to become the next generation of Cyberspace Guardians...
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    [Brazelton] Alan Young (Age 96)

    Actor Alan Young has passed away of natural causes at age 96. Though he did have success with the show Mr. Ed, I believe most people would best remember him these days as the voice of Scrooge McDuck.
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    Looks Like They Will Need Roads

    A businessman named Stephen Wynne has worked out a deal with the widow of John DeLorean to acquire all remaining parts, the rights to manufacture said parts, the DeLorean company name, trademark, and logo. In short, DeLoreans are coming back...
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    [Brazelton] Abe Vigoda

    Abe Vigoda has passed away today at the age of 94. He died of old age. He is most remembered for roles from such works as The Godfather and Barney Miller.
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    [Movies] 88th Annual Academy Awards Nominations

    Alright, folks, the nominations for the 88th annual Academy Awards have been announced! Best motion picture of the year “The Big Short” Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, Producers “Bridge of Spies” Steven Spielberg, Marc Platt and Kristie Macosko Krieger, Producers “Brooklyn” Finola...
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    Anyone Want to Bring Back MST3K?

    ...because thanks to Kickstarter, now's your chance for a new season of it.
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    [Brazelton] Will Becker, 88

    Will Becker, the co-owner of Janus Films and founder of the Criterion Collection, has passed away from kidney failure at age 88.
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    [Brazelton] E.L. Doctorow

    E.L. Doctorow, famous as an author of historical novels such as Ragtime, has passed away from complications from lung cancer. He was 84 years old.
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    [Brazelton] Satoru Iwata

    Satoru Iwata has passed away today, due to a bile duct growth. For those who don't know him aside from being Nintendo of America's CEO and from his numerous Nintendo Direct videos, Satoru Iwata had started out as a programmer for HAL Laboratory. He then became their coordinator of software...
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    Something Unfortunate is Coming...

    Netflix has dropped a teaser for a new series on the way: A Series of Unfortunate Events.
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    [Other] Here's to 25 Trips Around the Sun...

    Seriously, though, today is my 25th birthday and I can't believe that I'm already 25. A quarter of a century.
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    ...But You Don't Have to Take My Word for It!

    Well, a project from Kickstarter has now gone live. Skybrary by Reading Rainbow, still hosted by LeVar Burton, is now active. EDIT: Damnit, I screwed up the thread title. It should read "...But You Don't Have to Take My Word for It!".
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    Legends of Tomorrow

    The trailer for the next DC/CW show has emerged: Legends of Tomorrow.
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    [Brazelton] Stan Freberg, 88

    Stan Freberg has passed away of natural causes at the age of 88. A voice actor, radio performer, innovator of humorous commercials, and "guerilla satirist", Stan brought his comedic skills to all types of...
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    Netflix is Developing a Live-Action Legend of Zelda Series Honestly, the thread title pretty much says it all. Netflix is looking for a writer now and is working closely with Nintendo on developing it, considering Nintendo has strict protections now in...
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    [Brazelton] Edward Herrmann, Age 71

    Edward Herrmann has passed away after being taken off life support. You may remember him from such films as The Lost Boys, The Great Waldo Pepper, Annie (the 1982 version) and The Purple Rose of Cairo.
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    SPOON! The Tick may be returning to TV via Amazon!

    Among the many new shows that Amazon has been developing, it looks like The Tick may be revived as one of their shows, with Patrick Warburton reprising his role as the Tick and series and comic creator Ben Edlund writing and producing.
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    Cowabunga! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thread

    Hey there, dudes and dudettes! What with all the talk of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I've started a thread for us to have our discussions here. Whether it's the recent movie, the Nickelodeon series, or whatever version of the Turtles, here's a thread for us all to have our half-shell chatter.
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    Who's Ready for Excitement and Injuries?!!

    Action Park is opening its doors once again this summer in New Jersey. For those who don't know of Action Park, it was a water park/funpark in New Jersey back through the late '70s up and through '90s that was...