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  1. sixpackshaker

    [News] NFL draft

    Kyler Murray #1 Bosa’s Mom is jacked.
  2. sixpackshaker

    [Brazelton] George Herbert Walker Bush

    I had my issues with him. But he was the first politician I voted for... Has passed away.
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    [Brazelton] Keely Smith I am a huge fan of Louis Prima, and Keely was his wife and duet partner. She literally had the best voice of the 20th Century. I am shocked that...
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    [Brazelton] Higgy Baby - John Hillerman

    This hits a little hard. I really liked him in Magnum P.I. I've been re-watching the series lately. I really like his character more than I did Magnum. And who could forget... "I'd like to offer this Laurel, and Hardy handshake to our new..."
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    [Brazelton] Dead or Alive... This one saddened me more than I thought. I had a couple of his albums/tapes and played them in my car constantly.
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    [Brazelton] Guy Clark Singer, Songwriter, Luthier dead at 74. He is one of my personal heroes.
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    [Brazelton] Goodbye H2 hello Viceland

    Well my favorite channel is going away. History 2 will now be Viceland, the most popular shows will move to History. I hope this will make History a better channel.
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    [Brazelton] Grizzly Adams - Dan Haggerty When I was 8, he came to my home town for the grand opening of the local Mall. Late in the day my older brother took me to the public restroom. It was crowded with men laughing and joking. Dan Haggerty was sitting...
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    [Brazelton] Omar Sharif too bad, he was such a wonderful actor.
  10. sixpackshaker

    Nicholas Winton the British Shindler dies 106

    If anyone deserved a long and happy life.
  11. sixpackshaker

    [Brazelton] TV's Dad Dick Van Patten He always came across as the most decent man in the room.
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    "Top" hyperlink

    Just now when I click on a "Top" hyperlink, it only takes me to the top of that post, not to the top of the page. Firefox, XenMinimal and XenBlue.
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    [Rant] Things you HATE that others seem to LIKE.

    Growing up in the early 80's, I hated pop music and Micheal Jackson's material in particular.
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    [News] Texas Anti Gay Marriage Law Struck Down. The first step towards marriage equality just happened for Texans. Now the ruling has to be challenged in a higher court.
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    [PC Game] Fallout 3 Noob...

    I broke down and bought the Game of the Year Edition on Steam. I won't be able to play at all until tomorrow. Just looking for some pointers. I am thinking about playing a scavenger type character. I want to build my own weapons and clothing, and explore more than quest. I am an...
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    Sochi Winter Olympics General Thread.

    I want a thread about the stories happening at the Olympics, "Up Close and Personal" Please no spoilers, I imagine most people will watch these games at least on the prime time shows, I'll DVR all that I can and watch them into the wee hours. There are several sports sites that give results...
  17. sixpackshaker

    [TV] FOX's Gotham coming soon.

    I was looking forward to this until. 12 year old Bruce Wayne and Villains will be in this show. Gotdammit!
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    [Brazelton] Good Bye 2013

    I don't think I'll miss you.
  19. sixpackshaker

    ISON anticipation thread.

    For some reason I get ridiculously giddy over comet fly-by's. ISON should be coming into view soon, should be visible with a good pair of binoculars now. Comet of the century or fizzle like Haley's Comet? Have you seen it yet?
  20. sixpackshaker

    [Rant] Dead Video Card...

    I hope. My 2 year old EVGA GTS 450 just crapped out. It could be a more serious issue, one of the capacitors on the MOBO looks like it might be swollen, not popped. I can not afford a new computer for another year. :(