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  1. Mathias

    Are "Gamers" a culture of idiots?

    So I'll put this out there. I'm what someone would call a gamer. I like videogames as entertainment. I play a few. I like and follow and am a rapid fanboy of certain games and their lore. All that said, in light of the recent EA Star Wars thing, I must ask, are gamers as a whole a bunch...
  2. Mathias

    The hell is Cajun?

    She hasn't posted in over a year?
  3. Mathias

    Mikkovember 2017

    I plan on not wearing pants from the 22nd to the 26th in celebration. We doin' this thing, ya'll? (Ok ok, sweat pants on Thanksgiving).
  4. Mathias

    Is it fucked up that I found meaning to life through Rick and Morty?

    I don't really want to get into the existential details, but holy shit this show is amazing.
  5. Mathias

    Still Alive!

  6. Mathias

    Milo Yanapolalapwallashammaramadingdong steps down from Breitbart So it looks like the alt-right has limits. Can't condone Nambla, Milo. Sorry. /worldssmallestviolin
  7. Mathias

    My reaction when...

    I remember tomorrow's Thanksgiving:
  8. Mathias

    iMovie alternatives?

    As mentioned in title. Are there any good iMovie alternatives for Windows, maybe even direct knockoffs??
  9. Mathias

    So I got a GoPro

    And it's hella fun! More action biking/ motorcycle/ activity shots to come! Bonus at 1:19 you can see the stump that almost ended me.
  10. Mathias

    Pete Rose

    Long story short, I got into a heated argument with a friend about Pete Rose which evolved into which is worse: betting or steroids. My argument is both are bad and not mutually exclusive. Pete Rose should not be allowed in the hall of fame and the fact that roid users are in the hall of fame...
  11. Mathias

    Music that just hits you thread...

    Post em; leave the stories here as well. Man, this song hit me hard today. Existential crises mode activated.
  12. Mathias

    Depression Awareness

    Just wanted to throw this out here in case someone needs it:
  13. Mathias

    Get the sand out of your vag (Seinfeld says colleges too PC)

    Goddamn pantie waists.Charlie don't surf.... best you stay out of this thread. You might have a heart attack.
  14. Mathias


    So I recently started actually watching her music videos. They're pretty amazing. Especially this one with Shia: Say what you will but I still think he's a pretty damn talented dude.
  15. Mathias

    Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies

    You call yourselves geeks... Saw this on Thursday. No mention in a day and a half. Tsk Tsk. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Action scenes were great. Stayed true to the book. No ten billion endings. Looking forward to the 10 hours of extra footage next year.
  16. Mathias

    Matt Draws

    Oh snap. My first pencil sketch in a looong time. Used a pen and Sharpie for this one.And.... my bored at work collection on Sticky Notes.
  17. Mathias

    [Other] News stories you wish you never read (Morbid Reality) I haven't heard a story that's fucked me up like this since Sandy Hook and the Nigerian kidnappings. That poor little boy... At three kids are just starting to awaken - cognitively...
  18. Mathias

    What do you say to Facebook friends that post shit like this?

    Whether you're a fan of the president or not, surely, any educated person can understand that these kinds of memes are utter bullshit. How does one approach Facebook friends in explaining why it's ridiculous and stupid to post crap like this?
  19. Mathias

    Mathias' Handy Youtube Page

    Hey there fellow forumites. I was working on my car this afternoon and it dawned on me that some people might benefit from my crazy handiness. I pretty much revamped my Youtube page to reflect my desire to make some basic tutorials on simple tasks around the home. I give you my first video...
  20. Mathias

    Thought Question

    Shower thought. I wonder what the reaction to conservative media would be if president Obama suddenly started pushing an ultra -conservative agenda while still promoting being a Democrat. Would Fox News implode on itself? Would Ann Coulter's brain explode?