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  1. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Anyone in Oregon/Nor Cal?

    Tomorrow I'll be heading up towards Bend, Oregon. From there I'll be making my way over to portland, then heading down 101 towards San Francisco over the course of the week. Anyone in the relative area of this trip, let me know if you want to meet Bumble for a bite or a sketch
  2. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Let me put something in your box

    Your mailbox. I've been making and sending out postcards. If that sounds like something you'd want, pm me where you'd like me to send it and I'll see what I can do. Feel free to send something back too, though please don't feel obligated. I can't promise they'll all be good, but they'll all...
  3. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Make a Disney Dream Real (Bumble Charity Drive pt. 2)

    As some of you know, it's been a little rough for me lately. There's one thing that helps me feel better about the world, and that's helping people. You may recall my friend whom I sold art and services for this past holiday season. I'm very happy to say you guys and my friends gave her $200...
  4. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    I hated the old title

    I just don't know. I don't know what I'm asking for here. How about some cool drawings or something
  5. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    [Announcement] Buy Bumble Art - Charity Drive

    Skip below for information on pricing and how to donate! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Original Post) Hey guys. I come to you with a question, and a proposition. I have a friend. She's one of the kindest, funniest, most giving people I have ever met...
  6. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Hey, Gang.

    It's been a while. I hope you haven't moved on and forgotten what we had together. I can change. I swear, I'm a new man.
  7. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    [Funny] Bumbles Fumbles (Green-Thumbs Garrett and more!)

    Gardening with Green-Thumbs Garrett Go like it if you did, and go hate it if you didn't! And then here is a longer, directors cut of the video.
  8. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Some things

  9. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Bumble's Cartoons, Videos, and Sketches of All Kinds

    Let's pay homage to Fistful of Fists all month
  10. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    NoobDrawings - League of Legends Drawn by a Noob

    I've started playing League of Legends recently, and I still don't know anything about the game. I random every time, and I draw/analyze the champions afterwards. Here's what I've done so far.
  11. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Ask Allen anything

    He won't answer, but I need to get some questions out there. 1) Why you ackin' so cray cray? 2) You have to make love to a gaming console. Which one do you pick and why? 3) Would you rather have a lion with teddy bear-like paws, or a bunny rabbit that, while looking like a normal healthy...
  12. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    AMA and I'll cry and sob and weep and draw

    I'm usually an open book, so go for it. I might not answer. I might not even say anything. But, just maybe.. Maybe I'll respond to your question with a crudely drawn rhino having his way with a mailbox or something.. The choice is yours. Also, I made this.
  13. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    [Announcement] Help me be the best Bumble I can be. (Comics)

    I'm going to attempt to enter Penny Arcade's Strip Search What I need from you guys: Is there someone that has webspace ( Dave?) to host a portfolio of my art? I don't want to link to Deviantart or something...
  14. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Help me look good at my job.. "Like" their page Just give it a little like, and you'll be making me look like a stand-up guy in front of some important people. ...Well, not that important, but it would help me out quite a bit. Thanks, peoples.
  15. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    [News] The hell

    Where is ElJuski
  16. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Like, 8 Days of Bumble Madness

    [ ] A Monster(Good) [ ] A Monster(Evil) [ ] A president (as an action hero) [X] Close eyes. Draw Batman [ ] Your zodiac sign as a great warrior/wizard [ ]An Idiom literalized [ ] An animal that doesn't exist [ ] A visual representation of your imagination
  17. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    (06/26) Watch Bumble Draw Stuff and Talk About Some Stuff

    So I have this week off. Except for Wednesday. Instead of doing something awesome and fun, I'll be playing the part of a hermit and relaxing at home and enjoying not having any responsibilities. Which means I'll have plenty of time to do some drawing! Last time I did some live stream...
  18. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    Where Did You Go?

    I hope Allen wasn't serious about leaving :( Come back, buddy. I miss you
  19. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    When you don't go on Vent, you miss stuff like this

    ElJuski had better things to do at midnight on a Monday..
  20. Bumble the Boy Wonder

    [Other] Pay for my classes, I'll draw you SO much porn

    Or, you know, whatever you want me to draw. [I'll try to hit everything, but feel free to ask any questions if any spring to mind. I'll do my best to answer them all.] So for the last two semesters, my school district has increased our tuition costs by $10/unit each semester. This semester...