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    [Writing] Anyone else participating in Nanowrimo this year?

    I've decided to pass the time while I look for employment by participating in the NaNoWriMo this year. It's been something I've been meaning to try every year but had always convinced myself I was too busy for. Anyone else participating and if so what have you got so far, if you don't mind...
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    Crypto-currency Mining

    Is anyone doing this? I feel like I missed the boat with bitcoin and that it would be too difficult to get anything substantial so started looking into other alternates. For the moment I'm thinking of trying Doge coin, though I'm not totally certain what I can even do with them. Anyone more well...
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    A short open letter to kinect

    Dear kinect, I was actually kinda impressed with you the other day. Things were a little wonky every so often and, I'll admit, being in the middle of a store I probably wasn't as willing to flail around like an ass as I would be if I was at home but you certainly showed some promise. I...
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    Gamma World: Are those flying bat-lions shooting lasers from their eyes now?

    So I picked up Gamma World the other day. My group will be running through a one off on Saturday as a few of the regulars can't make it. The only D&D we know is 4e as we've all just started this past summer, so we don't have any knowledge of previous editions of either Gamma World or D&D. I'm...
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    So onlive revisited minus the subscription fees.

    OnLive's Monthly Subscription Fees Are Dead Recently onlive has dropped the subscription part of their service, though that never actually went into effect anyway. I had up until now only a veiled interest in what they were offering but with cutting of the subs I decided to check it out...
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    [D&D] Oh sweet merciful god what have I got myself into! New DM help!

    Recently I was approached by a group of friends wanting to learn how to play D&D 4e. None of us had ever played any version before and the task of learning the game was placed on my shoulders as well as the responsibility of being DM once we had the rules down enough to begin. We've had two...
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    Work Swag

    Working at the movie theatre doesn't have too many benefits but every so often something neat comes through and once we're done with it they will usually offer it up for grabs. I've managed to get a hold of quite a few of the higher quality movie posters. So far I've got...
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    Amazing Super Powers (07-06)The Fetish

    Alt text:[spoiler:1reg4xit]'Also put these on. I hear furry handcuffs keep the swelling down.'[/spoiler:1reg4xit]
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    Far's art dump

    So I draw a bit. It's something I've always done but have never been particularly great at though I practice when I can(not nearly enough). Anyway I just thought I'd share some of my stuff. Most of this stuff is really old though and I need to get my new things up. Most of the time I just get...