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  1. LittleKagsin

    Riddle me this

    Why do guys always hit on me while I’m at the laundromat? Why?? And I mean legitimate hardcore hitting on me. Not passing flirting (which actually never happens to me either, I digress), but asking me if I live alone, asking if I have a boyfriend, fucking GRABBING MY ARM TO LOOK AT MY TATOO. I...
  2. LittleKagsin

    [Other] Pitch me your city!

    So. I'm 1000% in the market to move, or at least to start researching cities I could potentially move too. I want you guys to pitch me your cities. What do you like, housing, things to do, ins and outs, what you hate, jobs, etc etc. I just feel so trapped in the bubble of my town, I'm curious...
  3. LittleKagsin

    Resizing Images

    So. I run a roleplay group and am now required to resize SO MANY FUCKING PICTURES to fit into an html layout (for like members and stuff). Now. It's a pain in my ASS to resize images and have it A) not take forever and B) not have them look stretched and fucked up. Help. Me. I can't be...
  4. LittleKagsin


    So, random question, since I have no clue what I'm doing. At my current job, I have a 401K, it's all great and whatever. HOWEVER, I am getting ready to leave my job and find something new. What..happens to my 401K if my new job doesn't have one? Do I get a big ass check that I deposit and just...
  5. LittleKagsin

    My heart doesn't hurt so much anymore

    I've debated talking about this. And I thought about doing it Anon, but at this point, I don't care. I'm fucked. And lost. And in so much pain. As most of you know, I'm married. And I don't want to be anymore. I NEVER EVER thought I would feel this way. But, it's how I feel. And not because...
  6. LittleKagsin

    Printing Labels...

    Is anyone here a whiz with Microsoft word?? My friend is having a label printing struggle - even after following all the instructions to fix this problem, it isn't fixed. When he prints on the label paper it just says 'next record' and...I dunno. HELP. Any ideas?
  7. LittleKagsin

    [Brazelton] The Year of Death Continues - Harper Lee This one hits me in a weird spot. For some reason I never saw her as a real person, always as like a figment of imagination, figment of life? I don't know, it's weird. I think I'm lucky in that I read To Kill a...
  8. LittleKagsin

    Best Answer How do you break bad habits?

    Advice: How do you guys get rid of bad habits? I don't know what it is but I kind of incessantly pick at myself. I create sores on my feet, my nail beds, my face, my back and I don't know why? I find it oddly satisfying (and is what I replaced my self-harm with), but then I kick myself minutes...
  9. LittleKagsin

    Things I Love

    -Freshly shaved legs (my own, though I'm not above touching others if invited.) -That weird skritch-y sound guitar strings make when the person playing changes their hand position. (This is actually one of my absolute favorite things in the world, no joke.) - Hot Cocoa - Staying up until the...
  10. LittleKagsin

    [Question] International Travel

    So, I've planned a trip with my friend Raye to Japan, in September. I feel like we have everything under control - passports, hotel, plane tickets, researching areas (things to do) - but I would still really appreciate travel advice, experiences from people who have done international travel...
  11. LittleKagsin

    Handling Stupid Friends

    I kind of just want general thoughts on this, maybe some advice? Or maybe I just want to vent. I don't know. I'm just frustrated and have no where else I can go. Friend A is gorgeous, over flirtatious and men fall for her in an instant. She is very very much in a serious relationship...
  12. LittleKagsin

    [Food] Regional Foods

    Pez and I were talkinga bout different foods that a generally just a regional thing and it made me curious about everyone else! Are there any foods that are only popular in your region? Or by state? Since I'm in Utah, I know the big one for around here is Fry Sauce, which in general, is...
  13. LittleKagsin

    [Movies] Octoberfest (2013)

    It's that time of year again! (Well, for me it is.) My friends and I have begun watching scary movies for Octoberfest, we started quite a bit earlier this year since we barely made it through 5 or so movies last year. And this year, I've finally relented and am letting my friends run wild...
  14. LittleKagsin

    AMA: The Kaggie Files

    I've always wanted to do one of these and since work is a slug, I'm hoping now is a good time. So, ask me stuff!! Anything!! ...please, I'm so bored... DISCLAIMER: It does NOT have to cosplay related. ;)
  15. LittleKagsin

    [Movies] Who'd you cast?

    I was looking for the proper place to post this (the random crap thread??), but I thought it might be fun to discuss casting/dream casts for movies in general. So, the whole point of this is because I wanted to say that, after watching Haywire, if Gina Carano is not cast as Wonder Woman (if I...
  16. LittleKagsin

    [Question] Suggest "B-Movies" for Kags and her friends

    My friends and have discovered a like for 'B-Movies', but we're pretty much lost at what ones to watch. Or, I guess, we just like terrible movies....I'm not sure if I'm using the 'B-Movie' title correctly?... Anyway, we recently watched Flash Gordon and LOVED ITTTTT. It was awful in every...
  17. LittleKagsin

    Kags' Cosplay Thread

    I know real original thread title - I'll try to come up with something better later. Well, if I can edit it later...which I think I can. Anyway, I just wanted to start a cosplay thread to try and contribute something fun to the forums. My plans are to post my progress pictures/cosvlogs or...
  18. LittleKagsin

    [Question] Tech Help: Webcam vs. Video Camera

    I'm stuck. I want to do more video's; do reviews, vlogs, cosplay things, but am not sure which to get for my video needs. Is a webcam better than a video camera? Or vice versa? I want something nice, but something that doesn't break the bank $100 or less would be great. Any thoughts and...
  19. LittleKagsin

    Please help me and vote for my picture!

    Hey guys.... So, I feel awful about bothering everyone, but I've entered a contest to be a spokesmodel for a lolita wig company. I can't even believe I'm doing this....ugh, but anyway. I would appreciate it so much if everyone would go and vote for me here...
  20. LittleKagsin

    [Drawing] Kags' artist journey

    Since I said I would at least give it a try (and am already overwhelmed) here is my doodle for day 1!! Which, this week will probably only be doodles since I'm pretty swamped...So here you are, revel in my complete laziness: