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  1. HoboNinja


    So do you like killing the living dead, do you enjoy browser based games like Kingdom of Loathing or Urban Dead? Well check out Die2Nite, some guys at school got me into it. Yes this is a referral link, but the only way you can group up with people and...
  2. HoboNinja

    "What are you reading?" thread.

    So I searched and didn't find one but if one exists just redirect me there / merge this. So yeah what are currently reading? I just started The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, plan on reading the Game of Thrones series after I am done because the show was bad-fuckin'-ass.
  3. HoboNinja

    Is this a scam?

    Anyone know about a company called Marketsource, got a call from them randomly about how they saw my resume online and want to know if i could interview for a HP Rep job for local Best Buys, but it all just seems sketchy, googled it and there are reports of it being a scam but those are rebutted...
  4. HoboNinja

    Anyone have experience with LaTeX?

    So we are using LaTeX for my physics course and I can use it for my EE course as well. But I don't know how to use it at all, I assume we are going to go over it sometime before the first lab writeup for physics but I am not sure, I wanted to get my EE lab writeup done in it today or tomorrow so...
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    If you could time travel who would you visit?

    Ok so a comment on another forum about wishing they could have met Carl Sagan got me thinking, if you could time travel, what deceased people would you visit? Carl Sagan Albert Einstein Douglas Adams J.R.R. Tolkien Edwin Hubble Isaac Asimov George Washington Abe Lincoln Richard Feynman Niels...
  6. HoboNinja Nominate Your Teacher Contest - Nominate Your Teacher. Sponsored by AMD. Okie doke so Newegg is running a contest for to nominate your favorite K-12 teacher to win this contest, the school wins $25,000 worth of computers and the teacher gets a $2,500 newegg gift card. Here is my entry, I am a bad writer but...
  7. HoboNinja

    Anyone want to buy some collectibles?

    I am selling all my comics, star wars toys, and a sweet siphon filter zero halliburton attache case. It probably wouldn't be feasible to ship the comics :/ It would probably be more in shipping than what you pay me for them but ill post them anyways.
  8. HoboNinja

    Starcraft II

    Okie dokie so no thread for the release and I know some of you got the game because it's amazing and you guys are smart so basically that means you bought it. So yeah how are you guys liking it? I really like the campaign and they are using a lot of cinematic which is awesome. But yeah I don't...
  9. HoboNinja

    How big is your steam folder?

    Okie doke so this is for anyone that uses steam. I was transferring my steam folder over to my new computer and saw how frakin huge it had gotten... My folder weighs in at 247 gb. How big is yours? tldr; e-peen contest? how much space does your steam folder take?
  10. HoboNinja

    Building a new computer

    Okie doke so I got in a car accident about a month and half ago and the car was totaled so I got a bunch of money, well the thing that totaled it was the air bags so I just fixed the little stuff and am driving it with no air bags, paid off my credit card, and still have $750 left towards a new...
  11. HoboNinja

    Student Loan Woes

    Ok so basically I need 19 grand for school this fall, I got $7500 from the stafford loan but I need another 11.5k. So we go to wells fargo and my dad and stepmom try to cosign but their credit is shit and are denied. They were approved for the parent plus loan through the government though...
  12. HoboNinja

    Anyone here know Japanese?

    If anyone can translate a small little message for me that would be awesome.
  13. HoboNinja

    H2G2 Themed Birthday Present

    So I didn't have any money to get my girlfriend something for her birthday last month but I made up for it big time by making this :p She gets it next thursday when I go see her.
  14. HoboNinja

    Help me choose a phone...

    Ok so I can upgrade my phone on Feb 1st. I have sprint and basically my 3 choices are the Palm Pre running WebOS, Samsung Moment with Android, or the HTC Hero with Android. The HTC has a virtual keyboard so eff that so between the Samsung Moment and the Palm Pre. WebOS is a solid system and...
  15. HoboNinja

    Need a Tardis Toy/Collectable as a gift.

    Ok so anyone know any good quality Tardis replicas or toys I can get for my girlfriend for her birthday? I checked Amazon and most look like cheap crappy plasic toys. I can spend a max of $50 but it would be awesome if I could get away with $20-30 because I am pretty broke. *Summons Mav to the...
  16. HoboNinja

    Am I screwed? (Graduate School Question)

    Ok so the past 2 1/2 years I have just been dicking around at my community college getting my Associates of Arts. Just the gen ed shit out of the way, I thought this was a good idea because it would save me money rather than going to a major university for these classes. I am transferring to...
  17. HoboNinja

    Websites to sell textbooks?

    So it's the end of the term and I want to sell some of my old books that the school wouldn't buy back but googling "sell college books" or "sell textbooks" shows some less than legit looking sites. So anyone know any good sites for it?
  18. HoboNinja

    Free E-Books & Audiobooks?

    So I know about project Gutenberg but does anyone know any good sites for free public domain e-books and/or audiobooks?
  19. HoboNinja

    I weep for humanity.

    So we are reading aloud in Philosophy and the two reading the B.F. Skinner section are just butchering English. Like I know I don't always spell perfectly or have perfect grammar but I can fucking read. Some examples of what they butchered. program as problem absurd as observe hops...