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  1. Denbrought

    [Brazelton] Moss/Twitchmoss

    Mossy was a big part of my social life in my teens (or what passed for one). Fell out of touch after college, but this still hits like a rock. One of the few internet folk I hung out with IRL. Fuck cancer.
  2. Denbrought

    Is income inequality unjust, and if so, where is the injustice?

    The government could also remove some of the barriers to the construction of affordable housing. New construction in a lot of areas is luxury-grade because builders don't turn a profit on anything else. Higher density housing summons oodles of red tape and landlord/NIMBY opposition. The current...
  3. Denbrought

    Did someone order tacos?

    Yo dawg
  4. Denbrought

    [Brazelton] Roe v. Wade

    Democrats including Pressley, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib arrested at abortion rights rally outside Supreme Court | The Hill
  5. Denbrought

    Looking for Blank Label Podcasts

    Is this it?
  6. Denbrought

    [Brazelton] Roe v. Wade

    This ruling (Thomas' concurrence in particular) caused my roommates to get in touch with an estate lawyer, get their passports renewed, and start groundwork for a move to a blue state or abroad in case GA decides to nullify their marriage for shits and giggles.
  7. Denbrought


    Completely missed checking in back in April (along with being around the forum for a year). The main reasons I hadn't been exercising the past year turned out to be depression, work stress, and the resulting exhaustion. Antidepressants and healthier boundaries have been helping a lot, so I've...
  8. Denbrought

    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    And we don't want to speak to live users, yuck :P
  9. Denbrought

    Coronavirus Thread

    The situation in India keeps spiraling :(
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    [Contest] When will I get the COVID Vaccine?

    Lost the entirety of Saturday to fever, chills, sweats, and pretty debilitating pain. Still kinda headachey and slow today, though not enough to skip (a likely pathetic attempt at) exercise. My brother had the same deal when he had his Pfizer #2 a few months ago (hospital/ER physician). On the...
  11. Denbrought

    [Contest] When will I get the COVID Vaccine?

    Pfizer #2 this morning. Achey all over and tired, but no worse than a flu shot so far.
  12. Denbrought

    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

    Mine says she wants to help with the coding, but she just posts memes on my team's Slack.
  13. Denbrought

    [Rant] Minor Rant III: For a Few Hollers More

    My senpai set his status to, and links it to anyone that still tries that. Seems pretty effective.
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    Today starts year 5 of my ongoing incremental wellness changes. Beat all my college PRs, by the numbers I'm now in the best shape of my life (which is still puny). I look halfway decent with the right clothing, lighting, and enough beer :awesome: Spent the year between 140-160lb (64-73kg)...
  15. Denbrought

    Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

    Not from personal experience, as I've only been on one kind and felt the same deal as you, but it took one of my best friends a half dozen tries to find an antidepressant medicine/combo that truly worked for them (as in, the positives outweigh the negatives by a wiiiide margin).
  16. Denbrought

    Tech minor victory thread

    Bit the bullet on upgrading my work headphones, the current ones are pushing 5 years and looking+feeling pretty beat up (they're worn 30-45 hours weekly, and under normal circumstances travel with me). I should be getting these Shure A50 (on sale) mid-next week. Looking forward to owning...
  17. Denbrought

    [Gaming] Tragic the Garnering

    That's how my best friend started his collection in college, he bid on some dude's eBay auction for all his cards. After we sifted through thousands of old cards, he ended up making some really fun+strong decks. I doubt it's worth the shipping on most of my commons/lands, or the gas to a gaming...
  18. Denbrought

    [Gaming] Tragic the Garnering

    Appreciate the info, looked at the websites and the Channel Fireball bulk buy sounds interesting (except for commons, of course). I think I'll try and find a spare afternoon this month to see what my rarer cards are worth, and work back from there. Need to sort out any with sentimental value anyway.
  19. Denbrought

    [Gaming] Tragic the Garnering

    Any recommendations on how one would go about selling their Magic cards? Preferred companies or somesuch. My collection is doing me no good sitting around, haven't played in years. Beyond keeping my 2-3 personal decks, I think the rest can go.
  20. Denbrought

    [Contest] When will I get the COVID Vaccine?

    Got my shot last Friday, after GA opened up to all adults, along with the rest of my house (who qualified much earlier but were unable to find an appointment until then). We will all be 2 weeks post-2nd shot on May 1st, so that's something to look forward to.