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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 564

    So this is the beginning of the final Supervillainous storyline. It’s not going to be short, so don’t mourn just yet!
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 563

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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3

    Hell, yeah!
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 562

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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 561

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    Halforums House 4 Character Creation Thread

    Male Voice 5 - I’ve got an average voice anyway. Relationship - No Age - Adult Aspirations - Creative (Surprise!) - Painter Traits - Hobby Type Physical Appearance - Pretty much my avatar - but with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Caucasian. As for clothes...I’m not that picky. I don’t dress...
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    Trump Regime Thread

    He’s got another sentencing coming up. This judge doesn’t appear as friendly.
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 560

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    [Gaming] Warcore - Zap Designs a Free Tabletop Game!

    New Faction! The Ragnul The Ragnul are a species born for combat and conquest. Their homeworld of Arigas is defined by the Ragnul’s warrior culture. Ragnul armies have done battle for hundreds of generations to hone their strength and cull the weak. Now, the Ragnul raid other worlds for...
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 559

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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 558

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    Trump Regime Thread

    One of Trump’s most ardent supporters. Also a 7-time DUI cretin that dodged charges due to his connections. He’s a piece of shit.
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 557

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    [TV] Talk about the last TV you watched, the catchall thread

    Got caught up on The Orville, and the Kalon twist drove me absolutely nuts. It’s not that it wasn’t good, but it’s similar to something I had just written for my tabletop game.
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    The Lego appreciation thread

    Overcompensatron. Most of those Mechs are Mybuild kits. Found them on Amazon. Pretty affordable, and really good quality for off-brand. I’ve been working on more original designs since. The green one is an original build.
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    The Lego appreciation thread

    Thought I’d throw up pictures of some of the mechs I’m building for the tabletop game I’m developing.
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    [Gaming] Warcore - Zap Designs a Free Tabletop Game!

    Got the rough draft of the first set of Faction Rules: The Forces of Humanity Humanity has long been splintered into competing factions fighting for control of the home world of Earth. These clashes brought human society to the brink of complete collapse after many natural resources became...
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    Supervillainous Supervillainous 556

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    The Lego appreciation thread

    I decided to go with Warcore. I started posting early drafts of the rules in the Games and More sub forum, and will be updating them frequently.
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    [Gaming] Warcore - Zap Designs a Free Tabletop Game!

    The main idea is to design a customizable squad, with games lasting roughly 30 minutes to an hour. I want to make it accessible to pretty much anybody, including kids. It should still be deep enough adults will enjoy it. I just want to have a very streamlined set of rules that makes it a...