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    PA now requires State ID to vote

    Because if they did it properly and waited until 2013 the GOP couldn't rig the election for Romney.
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    Fox News affilliate Insults bronies, calls them freaks.

    Here, let me take a crack at it. *ahem* Bronies are pathetic losers. I mean, goddamn. Spanking it to cartoon ponies has to be the ultimate low point in your life. Virgins in their 40's living with their parents have to look at that and go "Eh, could be worse."
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    Rant VIII: The Reckoning

    Ummmm... no. I'm pretty sure that's me.
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    Well well well... look who just won the championship in our fantasy football league! :D
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    FFL advice

    It's a coin flip in my opinion. I would go with Crayton, personally, because I think he has a slightly higher chance of seeing more playing time in the future.
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    When to test for performance enhancers...

    I agree, but if he comes back clean people need to lay off him. That goes for all athletes.
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    [Funny] Funny Pictures! (Keep em clean, folks!)

    The article that goes along with that image basically says studios need to accept that geeks lie and steal, and will therefore never support a movie through ticket sales. Calling geeks blowhards is nothing compared to that.
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    Law Enforcement Officers and roadside etiquette

    You're kidding, right?
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    Law Enforcement Officers and roadside etiquette

    Paging LeQuack, paging LeQuack, you are urgently needed in a thread...
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    California Election Clusterfuck - November 2010

    There seems to be a growing trend of taxing people who travel into cities but don't live there, which strikes me as a really bad idea. Aren't major cities discouraging people to come in and spend money this way? How much are they hurting local revenue by taxing the travel into the area?
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    I'll never look at a Ken doll in the same way again...

    I believe it was also called "1 Guy 1 Jar", or something like that. I never saw it, but people at a party were talking about it because they had just discovered 2 girls 1 cup and similar clips.
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    You might be an ass if...

    I would be amazed by that too. Any chance they were newly homeless?
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    Hostage Situation at Discovery Channel Headquarters, MOAR SHARK WEEK

    Stop overlooking reasonable suggestions like better sex education and fixating on the outrageous parts. I don't agree with child limits and NO ONE wants something as grotesque as forced abortion/sterilization. Overpopulation is a real problem, though, and something needs to be done. People...
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    Prop 8 overturned

    I see your point. Still, judges in the past have made a distinction between the wording of a law and its equality, compared to the application of a law and its inequality. I think that may happen again.