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    You might live in a Police State if...

    your government can tell you what video games you can play?
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    The EPIC WIN Thread 3: SON OF EPIC

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    Random Video Game Crap

    I don’t understand, it looks totally different in our system.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Lol. Wow. This is in response to the. New Zealand article.
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    Trump Regime Thread

    About as appropriate as Another one Bites the Dust. Clueless or Calculated?
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    Video Game News and Miscellany

    Heh! Parents working from home with kids nearby need those games just as much as their kids do! I
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    Coronavirus Thread

    It is hardly the fault of the teacher when the government from the top down is forcing in class re-opening. There is only so much a teacher can do with the shit sandwich they’ve been handed and no funds enact all of these awesome new protocols. Pardon my cranky, I must be back a few pages...
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    Video Game News and Miscellany

    Path of Exile is awesome, but I’m unfamiliar with the rest. For those of us confused by this....what does this mean? In 45 days there will be no PoE/any of these games when people go to play or no transactions in the game? edit: re-read much loud wailing will ensue here if Fortnite goes.
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    Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

    Maybe it went where Canada often goes when maps of the US are shown with Alaska right there and we’re just....gone
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Pokémon that kills a battery. My watch and my AirPods not so much.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    An excellent point I didn’t consider.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Schools hide behind that a lot when they are meant to have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and hate crimes and hopefully public health hazards. We can’t see everything. True. But I am showing you evidence it happened. This kid is showing how dangerous the school is. Do they have the...
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    New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

    And eating bears.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Why the hell not! We wouldn’t want our bra straps causing pain and suffering to any who may see them after all.
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    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Animal Crossing will pull you in....