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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    Yep. In fact, there's a rumor he might turn up in the Moon Knight Disney+ series.
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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    Imagine if we got Bruce Campbell as Mephisto.
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    Video Game News and Miscellany

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    [Movies] The Upcoming Movies Trailer Thread

    Looks pretty cool.
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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    Yeah, that design is rough. Honestly, I think the MCU Taskmaster looks fine, except for the mask. I was hoping it would at least look more skull-like. Hell, they actually make paintball masks that look like skulls.
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    [Movies] MCU: Phase 3 And Beyond

    At least it looks like he'll have his shield. It's laying on the ground at one point in the trailer.
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    Movie News & Miscellany

    I wouldn't mind a Mysterio from Peni Parker's universe, portrayed as if he sees himself like a shonen anime protagonist.